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Rob Schwimmer at the Northampton Center For The Arts, Northampton, MA

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Rob Schwimmer Northampton Center for the Arts Northampton, Massachusetts September 12, 2008

It is against human nature to live in a vacuum: individuals can't grow without interaction with their environment. The same is true for all creative arts, none of which would have changed or developed without creative minds capable of reaching out beyond the isolated self to external sources, even those not normally associated with the art being made. Pianist and thereminist Rob ...


Rob Schwimmer: Beyond The Sky

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Once in a great while in the musical incubator of the NYC downtown club scene, a truly musically sophisticated work with broad appeal emerges as if from nowhere. The truth, of course, is that these gems are the result of years of hard work, artistic development and unique musical vision: all these crystallize in the wonderful Beyond the Sky. In his other musical lives, Schwimmer is the piano and theremin playing piece of the comedic duo Polygraph ...