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Pucho Brown: 'Soul Brother' Number One

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In the coin of the realm, Henry “Pucho" Brown - conguero, timbalero, and bandleader of the Latin Soul Brothers - is one bad mamma jamma. You either dig Brown's Latin and African rhythms or you don't - but once you dig them, brother, you stay dug!

Pucho & The Latin Soul Brothers have been cold kicking Latin boogaloo like nobody's business for four decades now. The Hideout (Milestone), their new release, keeps rocking Brown's trademark beat-crazy mixture of ...


Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers: Cold Shoulder

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In the late 1960s Henry “Pucho” Brown was at the top of the heap. Successfully merging Soul, Funk and Latin rhythms into a steaming, genre-bending gumbo he hit upon a formula that packed both the dance floors and his pockets. A deluge of albums ensued, but predictably those later in the cycle relied heavily on the innovative elements first advanced by their earlier brethren. The result was a homogenous approach that precipitated to the eventual break-up the band in the ...


Pucho And His Latin Soul Brothers: Mucho Pucho

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Celebrate the New Year with Henry “Pucho” Brown and his Latin Soul Brothers. “Pucho” is the leader of this date and mans the timbales as well. Opening with “The Latin Soul Brothers” we witness some hip rap-ster dialogue from special guest McBaBee Power. New to this reviewers ears is the fusion of rap and Latin music. Not a bad concept I suppose. “The Latin Soul Brothers” paves the way for a recording that while not a monumental artistic success succeeds ...