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Peter Gabriel and Sting at the Pepsi Center

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Peter Gabriel/Sting Pepsi Center Denver, CO July 12, 2016 The field of mergers and acquisitions has been a profitable one for many capitalists over the last few decades. Indeed, profit is the driving force behind these transactions. Occasionally you'll hear some mumbling about economic efficiencies and synergies, but mainly it's about profits. Especially for the consultants reaping handsome fees from these endeavors. But a merger for art's sake? That doesn't seem very Wall ...


Various Artists: Real World 25

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Probably there is no other popular artist in this shrinking world that has promoted various musics and cultures outside the Western world than singer Peter Gabriel. In the beginning, his solo records were influenced more and more by African music, especially its rhythms until those influences became an important and dominant trademark on his records. Then, in 1982, he got involved in World of Music and Dance festival (or WOMAD), a platform for cross-pollination of world music, which recently celebrated ...


Peter Gabriel: Back to Front - Live in London (Deluxe Limited Blu-Ray)

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Peter Gabriel Back to Front: Live in London (Deluxe Limited Blu-Ray) Real World/Eagle Vision2014 Peter Gabriel has, for most of his career, been an artist who has never looked back. Still, the past few years have seen him reevaluating his large repertoire, between orchestral interpretations documented on New Blood: Live in London (Real World/Eagle Entertainment, 2012) and the Back to Front tour that has, since that time, celebrated the 25th anniversary of the release of ...


Peter Gabriel: Live in Athens 1987 (The Full Recorded Show)

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Peter Gabriel Live in Athens 1987: The Full Recorded Show including Youssou N'Dour and Le Super Etoile de Dakar Real World / Eagle Eye Media 2013 Count on Peter Gabriel to be ahead of the curve. In 1987, when he was touring his commercial breakthrough record So (Geffen, 1986), he was already thinking ahead (now that the MTV generation had made the value of videos clear) to the potential of recording and releasing concert videos ...


Peter Gabriel: And I'll Scratch Yours

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Peter Gabriel is surely one of the most unpredictable artists today. His career path has proven to be of a mercurial kind with him taking the road less travelled as Gabriel has more often than not sought unusual experiences as a source for his intensively felt music. Long an inventive musical conceptualist he has always sought challenge on all fronts--musically, visually, technologically and emotionally. His bold and innovative career choices have made him a step ahead of the curve as ...


Peter Gabriel: What a Difference Two Decades Make

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What do you do when you're an aging pop/rock star and the mind may be willing but the body is, more and more, simply not up to the task? For some, it seems the answer is: either make a jazz record, or collaborate with an orchestra. In the past decade, Rod Stewart has decimated the Great American Songbook not once, not twice but five times, beginning with It Had to Be You: The Great American Songbook (J-Records, 2002), while Sting ...