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Paco Charlin: Jazz Frequency Group Vol. IV

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Like two sides of a coin, Paco Charlin's recordings have alternated between modern and mainstream jazz, each imprint distinctly different. An exceptional bassist with the acumen and youthful presence of a Ron Carter or Dave Holland, Charlin has a deep reverence for the art-form--its past and its present--that is undeniable. Dipping back into a rich wellspring, Jazz Frequency Group IV could be a case study in taking past favorites, keeping their spirit intact, yet injecting them with ...


Paco Charlin: Bass Frequency

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There was a time when the structure and economics of the record business enabled jazz musicians to record a lot more frequently than they do today, allowing listeners to chart their artistic development (or lack of it) over relatively short passages of time. By contrast, the globalised imperatives of today's music industry typically force musicians into a release schedule that mirrors big budget pop records--that is, one release every two or three years.But that doesn't matter if you're ...