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Nick Vayenas: First Steps

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Soft spoken, straightforward, and possessed of a pleasantly down to earth sense of humor, trombonist Nick Vayenas' speech reflects well his musical approach--deliberate, unassuming, mellow, and deceptively layered.Candid about his stature as a young composer and player still just starting out, Vayenas discusses the genesis of his musical approach; what he learned putting together his debut album Synesthesia (World Culture Music, 2008), which he shaped from composition to final production and mixing; and what he sees as the ...


Nick Vayenas & World Culture Music at The Tribeca Performing Arts Center, NYC

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Nick Vayenas & World Culture MusicThe Tribeca Performing Arts CenterNew York City, New YorkMay 21, 2008 World Culture Music is an artists' collective music label founded by drummer Kendrick Scott. This concert was split into two halves, the first a showcase for the albums by the members of the collective, including vocalist/composer Julie Hardy (The Wish (2007)), guitarist Mike Moreno (Between The Lines (2007)), and Scott himself (The Source (2007)); and the second a ...


Nick Vayenas: Synesthesia

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Trombonist and multi-instrumentalist Nick Vayenas unveils a colorful palette of ideas on Synesthesia, his debut as a leader. Vayenas and his band mates chart their own course, albeit one that uses musical maps drawn up by the Herbie Hancock Sextet on such albums as Mwandishi (Warner Bros., 1970) and Sextant (Columbia, 1972), with the resulting path fusing elements of jazz, funk, rock and electronics while bypassing the dated connotations of the fusion label.

The energetic opening track, “Voyager," makes sparing ...