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Matt Garrison: Patchwork

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Instead of simply homing in on one specific musical coordinate, saxophonist Matt Garrison decided to widen his focus and hit a few different targets with his third album. The aptly-titled Patchwork finds him looking toward “initial musical influence, educational influences, and current outcomes." It's a collection of Garrison's personalized yesterday-meets-today musical scenarios. It's hard to know whether Patchwork should be defined as a vocal record with strong instrumental appeal or an instrumental album with a vocalist out ...


Matt Garrison - Saxophone: Blood Songs

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Presenting a primarily original repertoire of sparkling modern jazz, New York saxophonist Matt Garrison follows up his critically acclaimed debut, Familiar Places (DCLEF, 2011), with Blood Songs, an audacious musical tribute to his loving parents. With the exception of producer/trombonist Michael Dease, Garrison assembles a new all-star list of players, including veterans like saxophonist Eric Alexander and trumpeter Greg Gisbert, who mix it up well with young, up-and-coming stars including pianist Roy Assaf and drummer Ulysses Owens, Jr.The ...


Alex Machacek / Jeff Sipe / Matt Garrison: The Improvision Round Table

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Alex Machacek, Matt Garrison and Jeff Sipe have been responsible for some of the greatest moments in electric jazz since the turn of the new millennium.

Now thirty-five, Machacek was unknown until the release of his first solo effort in 1999, but the guitarist's releases since have increasingly upped the ante. Teaming with beyond-drummer Terry Bozzio in 2001, they issued Delete and Roll (Austro Mechana), establishing Machacek as a Zappa-esque rhythmatist and re-composer. Tapping fellow Zappa ...


Alex Machacek / Jeff Sipe / Matt Garrison: Improvision

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With two of 2006's best fusion records and three fine releases already out in 2007, Abstract Logix is rapidly transitioning from online storefront to bonafide record label. Austrian-born, Los Angeles-based guitarist Alex Machacek's [sic] (2006) was a stunning album that, along with the kind of virtuoso playing that would send most guitarists running for the hills, established the 35 year-old as an equally impressive composer and conceptualist.

Machacek shares equal billing with bassist Matt Garrison and ...


Matt Garrison: Shapeshifter

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Matt Garrison Shapeshifter GarrisonJazz Productions 2004

In Y2K, Bass Player Magazine pronounced Matthew Garrison's debut as having “raised the bar" for electric bass players (in an article by Chris Jisi, who recently wrote the book on modern electric bass). What next, then? Fitting in this Olympic year, Garrison steps back from the bar, raises it a foot, challenges himself to make it over and succeeds on every level, turning in the greatest solo record ...