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Mark Whitfield: Grace

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Since his first album as a leader in 1990, guitarist Mark Whitfield has been simultaneously pulled in two directions. Early on, many dubbed him the heir-apparent to George Benson, and on his first several records he offered plenty of evidence to support this assessment with his smooth, laid-back sound and the pop/R&B influences that he readily embraced. Yet at the same time, it was also abundantly clear that Whitfield possessed some terrific jazz chops, and the personnel on some of ...


Mark Whitfield: Quick Whit

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Panther [Pan-ther]

College Dictionary:noun - Four-legged feline, usually found in largely forested areas.Sports Dictionary:proper noun - Two-legged player, usually found in the Carolina areas.Whitfield Dictionary:1. Collective noun - Group of players (namely Mark Whitfield, Cy Smith, Byron Moore, Jason Murden, Donald Edwards and Antoine Drye), usually found in jazzy areas. 2. State of being - The experience of being independent.see also: Alternative Soul.


Mark Whitfield: Raw

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Mark Whitfield, aka “Quick Pick"(as known to fellow musicians) is often cited as being one of the strongest voices on guitar in the jazz mainstream today. His new album “Raw" on the Transparent label is firm testimony to this view and is a must-hear live album, not only for the guitar chops therein but for the bold conceptual statement that Whitfield and his working band propose here in concert

Many are familiar with Whitfield by his Verve records, some admittedly ...