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John Wetton and the Les Paul Trio: New York Minute

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A elite member of progressive rock super-groups King Crimson, UK and the pop rock platinum selling band Asia , bassist, vocalist John Wetton engages the pop standards route, recorded live at New York City's prominent jazz venue, The Iridium. In the album notes Wetton divulges his love for midtown Manhattan, hearkening back to his days with Crimson during the summer of 1973. Here, the Les Paul Trio provides support for the aptly titled New York Minute where the artist covers ...


Chet Atkins and Les Paul: Guitar Monsters

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The seventies were bountiful years for guitar fans. Looking now at Guitar Player magazines of the period, it's almost dizzying to see how many veteran guitarists were doing some of their most interesting and liberated work. Bop stalwarts, blues greats (often obscure), and notable country pickers were all well-represented on vinyl throughout the decade, on a variety of labels.Chet Atkins, whose easy listening country guitar records (all on RCA) were too often tasteful to a fault, came out ...


Les Paul: How High The Moon: Hits & Rarities From The Wizard of Waukesha

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His name is on the classic Gibson guitar and his role in the development of the electric guitar, as well as in the creation of multi-track recording and overdubbing, is indisputable. But even though he spent the last two-plus decades of his life holding forth, as much as raconteur as musician, on Monday nights (Fat Tuesday's and, later, Iridium), Les Paul, who died at 94 last summer (2009), won't be remembered as a jazz musician. His musical tastes ran closer ...


Remembering Les Paul... with Lyrics!

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They called him the Wizard of Waukesha, and we're not talking Harry Potter. I'd first heard about Les Paul from my parents. My Mom played mandolin; my Dad was a jazz pianist, who raised me on Irving Berlin and Cole Porter. I remember listening to the famous guitar/vocal duets between Les Paul & Mary Ford, only later learned that Mary sang duets and trios with herself in songs like How High the Moon and Blue Skies, using the ...


Les Paul Live At Iridium, NYC

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Les Paul Iridium New York, New York Any Monday Night

It was 46 degrees in the rain, and 9:45p.m. outside the Iridium Jazz Club on Broadway. Yet there was a huge queue for Les Paul, the inventor of the solid body electric guitar, developer of multitracking and, now 93, about to play his third set of the night at Iridium. Paul plays at Iridium every Monday and first played professionally as a boy in ...


Les Paul: Jazz Guitarist

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Perhaps the greatest revelation of Chasing Sound, the DVD based on the recent Public Broadcasting Service telecast of the career of Les Paul, is that the icon is still a conscious, thinking human being and performing musician. After that dubious birthday album American Made/World Played (EMI, 2005), which trumpeted the return of the inventor of the electric guitar to the recording studio for the first time in 27 years, then covered up his playing with present-day rock-star guitarists, a listener ...


Les Paul: Chasing Sound!

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Les Paul Chasing Sound! Koch Vision 2007

I dare anyone to spend the time to find one musician who can say they have not had their musical career influenced by Les Paul. Maybe they aren't aware of his career as a country and jazz great, but if they play guitar, record or listen to music from the last 50 years, they have been touched in part by the master, the wizard, himself, ...


Les Paul: Now!

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By Jennifer Odell

If you're craving new Les Paul tunes, the fourth generation release, Now! , is not where you'll find them. Not because it's not a great album--it is. Classical artist Michael J. Dutton's remastering allows you to hear more delicate elements of the different guitars' various tones and textures. But this album was originally conceived as a compilation for Les Paul. And now the compilation has been released three times without changing much. Most of the ...