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Softly, With Feeling

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Softly with Feeling. Joe Wilder and the Breaking of Barriers in American Music Edward Berger 378 Pages ISBN: 978-1-4399-1127-3 Temple University Press 2014 It's a long way from Darby Colwyn PA to Manhattan NY in more ways than one. There's an old Fels Naptha plant that has always seemed the pride of Colwyn, that is, until you know about Joe Wilder. Many of us discover him scandalously late in life, decades after our ...


Joe Wilder: A True Living Legend

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Joe Wilder, a true living legend of the trumpet, is at long last getting what fellow brass great Roy Eldridge used to call “his screen credits . After 60+ years of superlative support work in big bands, Broadway pit orchestras and commercials, Wilder is finally headlining his own quartet at the Village Vanguard. He says in fact that it's the first time he's ever led a group in New York City under his own name. A long-time ...