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Ivo Perelman: The Art of the Improv Trio

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For the last few centuries, the avant-garde movement has taken for itself the role of challenging preconceived notions of what is acceptable in music, in poetry, in the visual arts. This challenge has, for the most part, consisted of violating accepted rules in order to provoke discussion about the validity of those norms. In the arena of serious music, we've progressed, as it were, from the highly structured world of Baroque and Romantic symphonic music to modern composers ...


2016: An Ivo Perelman Marathon

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The original marathoner, Pheidippides in 490 BC, is believed to have run from Marathon, where a battle was being fought, to Athens to inform an assembly that the Persians had been defeated. It certainly was quite the achievement, taking into account the sorry state of footwear at the time and lack of prepackaged gels and energy drinks. Admirers of saxophonist Ivo Perelman's music have also participated in a sort of marathon in 2016 owing to the fact that he released ...


Ivo Perelman: The Art of the Improv Trio Volume 1

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Tenor saxophonist Ivo Perelman's voluminous discography gets another boost with six concurrent trio releases, titled The Art of the Improv Trio Volumes 1 through 6. It's not surprising since the artist has become one of the more prolific jazz improvisers spanning the past several decades. Thus, Volume 1 launches the festivities with Karl Berger laying down his vibes mallets and performing solely on piano, along with Perelman mainstay, drummer Gerald Cleaver who is a contributor on five of the six ...


Ivo Perelman: Breaking Point

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Tenor saxophonist Ivo Perelman usually releases albums in waves. Thus, Breaking Point is one of five concurrent productions issued on UK-based Leo Records, and offers the listener a kaleidoscopic glimpse of various ensemble lineups. Over the years Perelman has attained a comfort zone and noticeable synergy with the artists' performing on this outing, as the saga continues on Breaking Point. Perelman's super-powered lungs are in full force, but his tender side is also evident, especially during his somber ...


Five By Five - More Love From Ivo Perelman

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2015 saw six releases by tenor saxophonist Ivo Perelman. It's early in 2016, and we already have five new releases. At this pace, one can only hope for five more. Certainly, noting the combinations of players presented here and the high level of improvisation, there could easily be ten more sessions with ten different permutations. Or, like Claude Monet painting the same haystacks in different light, it would be just as satisfying to hear Perelman's saxophone with each of the ...


Ivo Perelman/Matthew Shipp: Complementary Colors

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When a new batch of Ivo Perelman discs are released, yes he releases music from multiple groups on multiple discs, it is always wise to start with his duets with pianist Matthew Shipp. They've collaborated now for over twenty years, in duo, trio, quartet, and quintet settings. Their development of sound, each player's individual sound, has paralleled each other. Both players early works were distinguished by a torrid, blistering sound. One that struck a listener as if they intended to ...


Ivo Perelman: Counterpoint

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Tenor sax strongman Ivo Perelman underscores the objective for this release, advising that “This combination, with viola and guitar--I've never before used this particular grouping ... I knew it would be challenging, with dense textures and this three-part counterpoint." However, the respective musicians have recorded in various formations in the past, so one would immediately surmise that the group already possesses the requisite synergy and improvisational savvy, providing a built-in advantage from the onset. Thus, the sax-guitar-viola combo operates within ...


Ivo Perelman/Whit Dickey: Tenorhood

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For this meditation session, we ask you not to think about the legends of the tenor saxophone. Just listen to the interplay between Ivo Perelman and drummer Whit Dickey. Press play, and ignore the track titles dedicated to Hank Mobley, Ben Webster, John Coltrane, Albert Ayler, and Sonny Rollins. Why? Because, the saxophonist did just that when he created Tenorhood, a totally improvised collection of pieces the pair recorded in 2014. The Brazilian-born, New York resident has released ...


Ivo Perelman: Book of Sound

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The mighty tenor saxophonist Ivo Perelman leads a team of frequent collaborators and superior craftsmen, pianist Matthew Shipp and bassist William Parker. Drawing on past endeavors in various settings, the trio's remarkably intuitive powers are inherent throughout. With movements that are the cogs in the wheel of instantaneous forays in composition, they navigate through broad vistas amid customary mimicking and contrapuntal maneuvers. Moreover, Perelman keenly incorporates bluesy interludes, heightened by his plaintive cries, and when he mirrors human ...

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