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Dark Magus: The Jekyll And Hyde Life Of Miles Davis

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Dark Magus: The Jekyll And Hyde Life Of Miles Davis Gregory Davis Hardcover; 224 pages ISBN: 0879308753 Backbeat Books 2006

The pitch for this new book about Miles Davis, written by his eldest son, makes bold promises. Reading Gregory Davis on his iconic father will, we are told, shine previously unshed light on Miles Davis the man--and even the working musician, since the author traveled with the trumpeter at times. ...


Gregory Davis: Son of Miles

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Just when we thought it might have been done sufficiently. John Szwed's excellent So What: The Life of Miles Davis (Simon & Schuster, 2002) stands alongside Ian Carr's Miles: The Definitive Biography (Harper & Collins, 1998) and, of course, Miles' own book with Quincy Troupe, Miles: The Autobiography (Simon & Schuster, 1989) as the best books on the music legend. Paul Tingen superbly captured the trumpeter's significance during his electric years with Miles Beyond, The Electric Explorations of Miles Davis ...