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Grateful Dead: Cornell '77

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Although an entire book has been published on the phenomenon, Peter Conners' The Music, the Myth, and the Magnificence of the Grateful Dead's Concert at Barton Hall (Cornell UniversityPress, 2017), in his own essay for the booklet in the three-CD package, UCLA archivist Nicholas G. Meriwether offers an excellent summary of the various threads in the story of the Grateful Dead's Cornell '77 appearance, the profundity of which may still escape the comprehension of both fans and non-fans, even if ...


Fathom Events Presents "The Grateful Dead Movie"

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Grateful Dead The Grateful Dead Movie Fathom Events 2017 2017's Grateful Dead “Meet-Up at the Movies" was comprised of a number of disparate elements, the amalgamation of which, in a fashion typical of this iconic band, carried a logic all its own. This multi-leveled presentation by Fathom Events may or may not have been lost on the nearly-capacity audience in South Burlington, Vermont's Palace 9 Theater--there was, after all, scant recognition of the significance of ...


Grateful Dead: The Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

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The Grateful Dead didn't always make the most astute business decisions through the course of their career, but the marketing/merchandising agreement reached in 2006 with Rhino Records has been a treasure trove for the label, the band and its fans. And notwithstanding accusations of cash-grabbing, the fact is packages such as Sunshine Daydream and Thirty Trips Around the Sun are as collector-friendly as they are commercially savvy. A long-term series of reissues covering the Dead's studio and live ...


Dave's Picks Volume 20: CU Events Center, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO - December 9, 1981

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Dave's Pick's Volume 20 marks a milestone in the Grateful Dead's current archive series, its significance not lost on the curator, David Lemieux. Yet rather than indulge in nostalgia in his notes accompanying this set, the man chooses to take the success of the series as further inspiration to carry on, not just with these quarterly releases, but the judicious exhumation of the iconic band's vault in general. A little over a year after the Grateful Dead began ...


Grateful Dead: Dave's Pick's Vol. 19: Honolulu, Hawaii, 1/23/70

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Grateful Dead archivist David Lemieux has done yeoman's work to distinguish his archival series of recordings from that of his esteemed predecessor Dick Latvala and Vol. 19 is no exception . But this edition of Dave's Picks, from Honolulu, Hawaii in January of 1970, has much in common with a release from Dick's Picks, while simultaneously setting itself apart from those which preceded it (except for the fact it too sold through its limited run). The most significant ...


Grateful Dead ‎– Dave's Picks Volume 18: Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco 7/17/76

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The Grateful Dead exhibit the positive effects of their self-imposed 1975 hiatus on Dave's Picks Volume 18 and its accompanying bonus disc recorded at the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco. Of course, the quietly relaxed approach to the setlist, and the choices thereon, might well be signaled by the opening of Chuck Berry's “Promised Land"--the band played his material when they already felt REALLY good or were anxiously trying to--and the first set closing of “Johnny B. Goode."


Grateful Dead: Red Rocks 7/8/78

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As much of a bonafide treasure trove is the existing Grateful Dead vault as maintained by David Lemieux, Nicholas Meriweather and their team(s), there are some holes where the aforementioned archivists are constantly in the process of filling with research and negotiations to uncover and regain ownership of items not already ensconced in their rightful location. The source of this recording, the so-called 'Betty Boards' (so named for Dead sound engineer Betty Cantor-Jackson), is just such content. The ...


Dick's Pick's Volume One: Tampa, Florida 12/19/73

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Concluding a reissue program begun in 2011, the Real Gone Music release of Grateful Dead Dick's Picks Volume One brings fitting perspective to a series that, in more ways than one, created a template for archiving an artist's work. And in an unusual approach that is peculiarly appropriate to the mindset of the iconoclastic band and its followers, to begin at the end of the thirty-six volumes and end with the beginning, informs the individual titles and the sequence as ...


Grateful Dead Meet Up at the Movies 5-11-2016

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Grateful Dead Meet Up at the Movies: Sullivan Stadium, July 2, 1989 Palace 9 Cinemas South Burlington, VT May 11, 2016 The sixth annual Grateful Dead Meet Up at the Movies constitutes the third 're-run' of a sort within the series. The previous five yearly film showings of the iconic band traversed their fifty-year history, finding them in locales as divergent as a German television studio, the grounds of Ken Kesey's creamery in ...

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