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Garrison Fewell/Gianni Mimmo: Flawless Dust

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With the passing of guitarist Garrison Fewell in the summer of 2015, the jazz world lost an educator, author and an extraordinary talent. Now that we can no longer exchange emails, or receive a music lesson from him, we still can explore his thoughts, via a fascinating book Outside Music, Inside Voices (Saturn University Press, 2014), which explored the link between creative improvised music and spirituality through interviews with musicians. Of course, the best way to know him ...


Gianni Mimmo & Alison Blunt: Lasting Ephemerals

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To say that someone is a virtuoso on their instrument isn't a statement just about playing ability. Virtuosity implies a deep level of understanding and insight into the way an instrument works, its history, and its sonic capabilities. This knowledge extends to an understanding of the physics of sound production: the minute details of how the sound is generated, how it is altered tonally, timbrally, and otherwise, where the overtones lie and how they can be manipulated, how environmental factors ...