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Erika Dagnino / Stefano Pastor / George Haslam / Steve Waterman: Narcéte

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This Anglo-Italian quartet presents its version of improvised jazz with poetry. The Italian side comes from poet and writer Erika Dagnino--who recites her poems in English--and violinist and double bassist Stefano Pastor. Their English partners are veteran improvisers and frequent collaborators, saxophonist George Haslam and trumpeter Steve Waterman. This recording features a happy marriage between the serious, orderly and expressive reciting of the poems and playful, instrumental improvisations. None is being subjected to the other--there is enough ...


Jazz: More Than A Performing Art?

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By George Haslam Our classic vision of music is that of a performance by one or more musicians before an audience of music lovers where the music, as art and/or entertainment, is the sole element of the event, an event communicating the output of the music makers--composers, arrangers, players--with the receptive audience. Outside the concert room music finds many more essential roles; it combines with other art forms to create ballet, opera, musicals; it serves necessary functions ...


George Haslam: 2002 003 04 and Cool Moon

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George Haslam's FreeTime 2002 003 04 Slam 2005 Anglo-Kuopio Quartet Cool Moon Slam 2005

Brit George Haslam formed his FreeTime Quartet in 2002 and, with the assistance of a Czech National Radio person and a noted jazz club owner, has toured regularly across the Czech Republic and occasionally beyond. Milos Latislav, ...


George Haslam/Borah Bergman/Paul Hession: The Mahout

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On The Mahout, three well established musicians meet, almost for the first time, and produce an album from thin air. Yes, this is free improvisation in the age of instancy, but this is still a remarkably spontaneous product. According to the brief liner notes, the trio met for a beer, then recorded the next morning. Evidently it was only one beer—these men are no college kids, and the music reveals no trace of hangover. The title track, if anything, might ...

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