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David Haney: Blue Flint Girl and Live from Yoshi's

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David Haney TrioBlue Flint GirlCIMP2009 The David Haney CollectiveLive from Yoshi'sCadence Jazz Records2009 The center of the jazz world is still considered to be Gotham, even though one can pretty much do whatever one wants musically in any location (witness the recent relocation of Norwegian bassist Ingebrigt Haker Flaten to Austin, Texas). The West ...


David Haney Trio: Blue Flint Girl

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Pianist David Haney pulls together a trio with two bassists--Michael Bisio and Adam Lane--on Blue Flint Girl. Not only does this unusual instrumentation peak curiosity, but it also leads to an uncommon sound. The beauty of recording for CIMP is that the music grows like a flower. The seeds are planted before the music starts and then it just goes. The water pours from the imaginations of the musicians. In the liner notes, Haney describes Blue Flint Girl as the ...


David Haney / Andrew Cyrille: Clandestine and Conspiracy A Go Go

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Perhaps because the piano can be a percussive instrument, piano/drum duets don't have a huge list of practitioners, with the honorable exception of Cecil Taylor. There's a Taylor link on these two recordings by Washington-based pianist David Haney and master drummer Andrew Cyrille, who had a 10-year tenure with Taylor from 1965. Haney is a percussive player, but he's not a Taylor clone. He shows more affinity with the obliqueness of early 1980s Andrew Hill, or more latterly Matthew Shipp, ...


David Haney: Blues Royale and Ota Benga of the Batwa

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David Haney Trio Blues Royale CIMP 2007 David Haney & Julian Priester Ota Benga of the Batwa CIMP 2007 Pianist David Haney first came to the attention of the creative improvised music crowd through collaborations with trombonist Julian Priester. In addition to a variety of well-honed skills and fertile imagination, Haney's classical training ...


David Haney Trio: The Music

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David Haney has a talent for concocting recondite tune titles. The five-part “Pteradactyl Lunchbox cycle on the pianist's debut CIMP session is only one reflection of a remarkable intellect that revels in both humor and hand-spun absurdism. The disc's title is another, distilling its contents down to a most basic signifier and eschewing any sort of promotional embellishment. Musically, Haney and his A-list colleagues, Julian Priester and Adam Lane, are less difficult to draw a bead on. The program, which ...


For Sale: Five Million Cash & The Music

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David Haney & Julian Priester For Sale: Five Million Cash Cadence Jazz Records 2006 David Haney Trio The Music CIMP 2006

Two new releases feature the inspired pairing of seminal hard bop trombonist Julian Priester with pianist David Haney. For Sale: Five Million Cash is a duet, live recordings from concerts ...


David Haney: Volume One, Two and Three

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David Haney Volume One (solos) Volume Two (duets) Volume Three (trios) CIMP Records 2004

Originally from Canada, the Portland, Oregon-based pianist and composer David Haney seems to garner more attention each year, though many ears have yet to be exposed to the music and sounds created by this improviser who utilizes the inside of the piano as much as the keys themselves. With a slim discography, these three new releases ...


David Haney Quartet: Caramel Topped Terrier

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Canada-born pianist/composer David Haney states that the premise for this recording was based upon “spontaneously composed" material, although the artist subsequently replaced piano tracks on three pieces. Haney's resume includes liturgical and chamber works, hybrid jazz/classical improvisations, and music for ballet. This recording features jazz greats Julian Priester on trombone and Han Bennink on drums. The program is segmented into solo piano interludes, ensemble pieces and duets with the pianist and Priester. Haney utilizes rhythmic structures for the basis of ...