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Bobby Lewis: Instant Groove

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Bobby Lewis' recurring theme in speaking about the music here is of the “instant groove. Lewis is right in drawing attention to the idea, for that groove is not a myth. To bring it home all the more conclusively, Lewis uses various lineups and gives these compositions their due, all of which makes for a recording that is entertaining on several levels.

The ripple effects of a heady tune are felt as the guitar and horns greet “Morning, which the ...


Southport Knows the True Value of a Veteran Jazzman

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Southport Records, long a Chicago stalwart, keeps the ball rolling with these two veteran artists. Both have worked in many genres, and both issue great, straight-ahead jazz for a broad audience.

Bobby Schiff Late Game Southport 2006

Bobby Schiff works with his veteran trio to interpret familiar standards and several originals. He adds strings for four numbers, while the final selection from the program is performed solo. The pianist's natural form of communication includes ...


Bobby Lewis: In the Forefront

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The Chicago-based label Southport, has issued what could be called the ultimate trumpet album. Not only are most forms of music visited on this album, but virtually the entire trumpet family is represented - brothers, sisters and cousins. In addition to the usual cast of brass characters – B trumpet, flugelhorn and cornet–there's the piccolo trumpet, bass trumpet, E soprano trumpet and the F alto trumpet, a trumpet lover's orgy. The first disc of this two-CD album is a reissue ...


Bobby Lewis: Just Havin' Some Fun

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Bobby Lewis, one of Chicago’s resident free spirits and most underappreciated musical treasures, is typically buoyant and masterful on his fifth date as leader for Southport Records, whom we must commend for having the good sense to place Bobby in a recording studio with several of his many friends and colleagues. The result of such an endeavor can never be anything less than . . . well, jolly good fun! Aside from being about as proficient a mainstream trumpeter as ...