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Bob Dylan: Triplicate

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If Bob Dylan's Triplicate, the thirty-eighth studio album of his fifty-year plus career, proves anything, it's that he's very serious about his exploration of the Great American Songbook. Not only is this his third straight studio recording devoted to such material, he deigned to be interviewed close to the March 31 2017 release of the recordings (spending more than a little time on the subject) and, on the current leg of his touring schedule, devotes at least a handful of ...


Bob Dylan: No Direction Home - Deluxe 10th Anniversary Edition

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Bob Dylan No Direction Home: Deluxe 10th Anniversary Edition Capitol Records 2016 As originally released a decade ago, Martin Scorcese's Bob Dylan documentary No Direction Home is so deeply illuminating it really bears no revisionism that would improve it, at least on its own terms. In turns exhilarating and chilling, particularly in the final scene where the subject of the film appears the embodiment of infinite fatigue, the vaunted filmmaker's comprehensive depiction of the Nobel ...


"…that wild mercury sound." The Significance of Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize

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During high school and college, I got interested in the Nobel Prizes. At the time, I was not interest in all of them: only the prize for Literature. I have been a reading geek as long as I have been a music geek and I have always mixed the two passions liberally. In the early 20th Century, the United States produced several Nobel Laurates: Sinclair Lewis (1930), Eugene O'Neill (1936), Pearl Buck (1938), T.S. Eliot (1948), William Faulkner (1949), Ernest ...


Daniel Kramer: Bob Dylan, In Pictures

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Photography may not bring back what has long gone, but for many, it can provide a passage to explore important happenings or moments from people's personal histories. A simple photograph can encapsulate deep-rooted emotions and memories of people, events and times that have long gone. Photographer Daniel Kramer's photographs of singer and songwriter Bob Dylan taken over a period of one year in the mid-'60s immortalize the unique energy and the times of this greatest of poets. Kramer's inimitable lens ...


Bob Dylan: A Year and a Day

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Bob Dylan: A Year and a Day Daniel Kramer 288 Pages ISBN: 978-3-8365-4760-4 Taschen 2016 There is an intangible but powerful relationship between music and photography that can't be explained adequately with words. Music has often sought some form of association with the world of visual arts as often photographs can tell a story more articulately and can convey more meaning. Or they can convey more mystery. It is as if the grains ...


Bob Dylan: Bootleg Series Volume 12, The Cutting Edge

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The Bob Dylan's ongoing bootleg series have proven to be a real treasure trove for fans of this renowned singer and songwriter. Not even his most optimistic and devoted fans could have foreseen the breadth and depth of his past catalog which so far has brought to the light things buried deep in the vaults. After all, Dylan is the second most bootlegged artist after Grateful Dead and obviously for a good reason. Thanks to the ongoing multi-disc box set ...


Bob Dylan: The Bootleg Series Vol. 12 - The Cutting Edge

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Quite apart from its existence as a deeply retrospective look at what is generally accepted as the most groundbreaking phase of Bob Dylan's career, the greatest virtue of the 2CD package of The Bootleg Series Volume 12 is a most practical one: no time or space is given over to the previously released versions of these magnificent songs from 1965 and 1966, digitally remastered or otherwise. The (un)usually astute producers of this ongoing archive project assume, and correctly ...


Dylan Goes Electric!: Newport, Seeger, Dylan, and the Night that Split the Sixties by Elijah Wald

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Dylan Goes Electric!: Newport, Seeger, Dylan, and the Night that Split the Sixties Elijah Wald 368 Pages ISBN: #978-0062366689 Dey Street Books 2014 Critic Elijah Wald might best be termed a critical anthropologist/archeologist of American Music, reexamining what has previously been written, seeking that which has not, and, by widening his net of inquiry, providing a new and broader musical landscape from which to draw previously unconsidered conclusions. Wald is the author ...


Bob Dylan: Shadows in the Night

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After spending the past 50-plus years mining the traditional music of what Greil Marcus has termed “old, weird America," and expanding it into the contemporary worlds of folk, rock, country, gospel and other singular hybrids thereof, on Shadows in the Night Bob Dylan gives us his take on the Great American Songbook. Thankfully, Dylan doesn't jettison the weirdness for the trip, choosing (unlike so many other rock and pop stars) to interpret these standards in his own idiom; choosing, that ...

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