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Christmas 2016

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A Cappella is the original format for choral singing. The five selections addressed here make 2016 one of the better years for this music. Kings College Cambridge -The King's Men Twelve Days of Christmas Choir of King's College, Cambridge 2016 The King's Men are a vocal ensemble made up of choral scholars attending King's College, Cambridge. They are considered a “close-harmony" group. Close harmony is an arrangement of the notes ...


Arvo Part: Musica Selecta: A Sequence by Manfred Eicher

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Of all the longstanding relationships built between its artists and Manfred Eicher, the musical partnership of ECM Records' founder/primary producer and Estonian composer Arvo Pärt--who turned 80 years old on September 11, 2015--has to be one of the label's most important and fruitful. Certainly, amidst ECM's more composition-focused New Series imprint, there are few others whose collaborations with Eicher have proven to be so personally meaningful, so groundbreaking and so emotionally resonant. While Eicher worked in the classical world prior ...


Arvo Part: Tabula Rasa

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Arvo PärtTabula Rasa (Deluxe Re-issue) ECM2010 (1984) A question that has always been asked, regardless of genre, is whether music can be conservative and revolutionary at the same time. Various composers have surfaced in recent times with brilliant compositions, but their work has not adhered to any of the schools of composition that make up the 20th century classical music. These composers have often drawn inspiration from musical principles and philosophies ...


Arvo Part: Passio

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Estonian composer Arvo Pärt has long been the recording darling of Manfred Eicher and ECM Records. The label has released no fewer than eleven volumes of his music, including the record under current consideration. Born in Tallinn, Estonia in 1935, Pärt immigrated to Berlin in 1980 to escape Soviet repression and shortly thereafter conceived his treatment of the Passion of Jesus Christ According to John based upon his newly developed musical style of tintinnabuli. His track of musical thought is ...