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Actis Band: Cina!

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Sax and clarinetist Carlo Actis Dato has shown an uncanny ability to keep his ear to the ground and pick up the music of the several countries to which he has traveled. His music is happy, gentle, edgy and energetic; evocative of the land that inspired them. He also has the knack for writing memorable melodies from which he and his band spring forward with a bag of engaging ideas.

The band members have been together for a long time ...


Actis Band: Allende

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In addition to numerous solo gigs with various bands, Italian multi-reedist Carlo Actis Dato has been fronting this wily jazz-rock quintet for several years. And regardless of format, group size or style within the jazz idiom, his penchant for bravado and humor is unswerving. The band's in-your-face line of attack heralds a multifaceted approach to jazz-rock where thrusting rhythms supplement Dato's brazen soloing ventures.

Saxophonist Federico Marchesano is a rock-solid foil for Dato's renegade bass clarinet and baritone ...


Actis Band: "On Tour" Live 2004

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Actis Band “On Tour" Live 2004 Splasc(H) Records 2005

The name is Actis Dato. Carlo Actis Dato. And it belongs to one of the most interesting musicians on the scene today. The scene is jazz, but as seen and innovated by Actis Dato the boundaries go beyond the norm. That in itself is not usual, jazz having been stretched, distorted and stomped upon in several ways by myriad musicians which includes those who are ...


Actis Band: Garibaldi

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Tenor saxophonist Carlo Actis Dato pokes a little good-natured fun at the father of Italy’s modern era, Guiseppe Garibaldi, via the cover art - featuring the band dressed in period garb marching to victory. On the flip side, the saxophonist steers this quintet through some of the hardest hitting modern jazz tinged rock you’ll likely hear. Perhaps Dato’s mindset was to emulate some of Italy’s fiercest military battles via music as they intertwine bubbly Mediterranean themes with wacko electric guitar ...