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Wolfgang Muthspiel at Porgy & Bess: Live at Last!

Read "Wolfgang Muthspiel at Porgy & Bess: Live at Last!" reviewed by Friedrich Kunzmann

Wolfgang Muthspiel Porgy & Bess Vienna May 30th 2020 Originally, all events at the Porgy & Bess jazz club in Vienna had been cancelled for public attendance until the end of August—out of precaution in light of the Coronavirus. In adaption to the horrendous circumstances for any cultural lieu of gathering, the Porgy swiftly put together a high-quality streaming set-up in no time, which has been live-streaming concerts from mostly local jazz acts at least ...

Cattle Calls, Tuning Wrenchers and the American Dream

Read "Cattle Calls, Tuning Wrenchers and the American Dream" reviewed by Mr. P.C.

Cattle Calls Dear Mr. P.C.: When a bandleader calls me for a gig and says, “I know you're probably already booked, because I tried 20 other pianists and everybody's working," what am I supposed to say? —#21 Dear #21: Look at his words closely. If he knows you're probably booked, why is he calling you? Obviously not because he wants you for the gig; it's so he can tell the next pianist ...


True East: First EP

Read "First EP" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

The debut release from collective trio True East is a patchwork party inviting gut-level utterances, punch-drunk strides, Latin-leaning grooves, and post-bop pronouncements to rejoice in each other's company. Engaged in near-unmitigated acts of creativity, trombonist Dan Lehner, bassist Ran Livneh and drummer Zack O'Farrill create an atmosphere rife with quick wit, raunchy rejoinders, catchy riffs and mindfully stumbling sentiments. But of greater importance than any specific suggestion(s), they flesh out a trio dynamic where there's trust and understanding built into ...


Marialy Pacheco: Danzón Cubano

Read "Danzón Cubano" reviewed by Ian Patterson

You can take the girl out of Cuba, but you can't take Cuba out of the girl. Pianist Marialy Pacheco left her homeland for Germany in 2004, and after a few years in Australia, settled once again in Germany. Wherever Pacheco has dropped anchor, however, she has turned to her island's music for inspiration. Nestled amongst her own compositions, albums such as Songs That I Love (Pinnacles Music, 2012), Introducing (Neuklang Records, 2014) and Duets (Neuklang, 2017) have been liberally ...


Jacek Kochan & musiConspiracy: Occupational Hazard

Read "Occupational Hazard" reviewed by Franz A. Matzner

Polish-born and current Canadian Jacek Kochan's 22nd release as a leader, Occupational Hazard, exists at the crossroads of straight ahead and electric jazz. A drummer, composer and arranger, Kochan has played with a variety of musicians over the course of his long career. On Occupational Hazard he leverages this broad experience to bring together an unusual mix of instrumental and vocal talent, establishing an intriguing blend likely to appeal most to fans of accessible tunes dominated by guitar ...


Dave Douglas Honours Dizzy

Read "Dave Douglas Honours Dizzy" reviewed by Bob Osborne

A selection of new and not so new this week: New releases feature: Dave Douglas with his new album shining a light on the legacy of the legendary Dizzy Gillespie. Nicholas Krolak a great sophomore album from the Philadelphia-based bassist. Krolak is a young veteran of the Philadelphia jazz scene. He has spent the last decade working as a side-man, experiencing new styles, and studying with the masters. Now, he has taken all he has learned ...


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