Permanent Imprint


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Anticipation merely a dream

Caught in flowing tunes,

Formal beauty swallowing

All other sounds.

The love I felt for you

Acknowledged in song

Carries the energy of our union

To the end of spacetime.

Alive each moment listening

As art expresses joy and pain

In ever-flowing harmony:

While everything undergoes change

That constant purity remains

Flowing thru the music,

Permanent imprint on the brain.


Calling in the night the horn

Emotions vibrating in flowing song.

The beauty when we merged still here

Listening to the blending notes so clear,

The outline of A Love Supreme

Haunting all my dreams.

To contemplate possibilities

Simply chasing after fantasies

Tho the urge to touch the real

Just beneath the surface wails ---

The loss of union now just a dream.

Let's make the actual fusion gleam.

Nothing lost thru gestures

That feed an ancient need.


Chasing thru my mind

Your love caught in tunes.

Thus every time listening

I remember how you filled

Playing aching beauty on the horn.

This alien from a distant galaxy

Taking form thru rich melodies

To describe the range of passions

We were willing to enchange

Sits now like molten lave

Waiting to explode.

Tho decades

Lie dormant, the embers glowing

Means it's still alive in concept,

Able to take form thru merged urges

Sneaking out, at dawn,

As I dream of our union

Flowing thru every song.


Waves of fear wash over me:

The futility of fantasy

When I sense our bodies merging,

Haunting beauty in the horn,

But never an actual contact

That goes deeper than a smudge

While deep in the brain cells longings

Play tunes that warm the soul

Remembering that ancient blending.

The glory when love whole

Was captured in a harmony

That forever flows

As I sit here listening, dreaming

Of a love lost long ago

Which nonetheless still vibrates

With every song I know.


Forced to recognize the aging

As minor pain pulses thru the veins,

Periodically erupting

To remind me that these dreams

I indulge in whenever listening

To the beauty of the horn

Stem from memories of the glory

When we merged as one.

Now falling so far back in time

I've lost you in the aging

As I sit here listening to rich sounds

And I feel you as a living entity

Engulfing me with love's warmth.

Can't let go the dream of blending

So I push thru words' chords

To draw you as a magnet

Back to loving as of yore.


In the heat-waves that haze us

I dream that you're near

As the music flows clear.

That trade-off still haunting

Dry tears as i listen

Remembering how we shared.

And the agony when pulled

To the other side of the ocean

Could be repaired, if you dared

Venture into a commitment

Made so long ago, yet still such energy

Caught in awesome tunes

Transfer into the actual

What I yearn to re-learn.

Knowing that the possibility

Has faded into lonely poems

Yet still the mind reaches out

Thru the passion of saxophone

For the warmth flooding my soul

Remembering how we'd merged.


The lonely nights linger

In the haunting beauty of tunes

Knowing the memories

Glow under the moon

Reflecting connections

That live in my dreams.

The glory of holding you

Alive as memory's theme

Expressed in flowing harmony ---

And I feel you in my veins.

The taste of cosmic energy

Transferred thru mellow tunes

Constantly in motion

As love fills this room.


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