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Optimized!: Optimized!
Optimizing our pages was the name of the game this week. Google likes smaller pages, ours weren't tiny, so we worked to reduce their size without sacrificing content. In some instances, we reduced page size by 75% which should improve page relevancy and rank—at least that's how the theory goes. We also improved the appearance of both websites on tablets and phones.

The most significant change was to the home page's RADIO section. We replaced the bulky Mixcloud player with musician photos. You'll need to click the headline or the photo to access the player.

And the best news yet is we scrubbed our various mailing lists including Jazz Near You, so they're squeaky clean. Look for adjusted Jazz Near You sponsorship rates soon.
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I was first exposed to jazz at the age of four--my stepfather would play 78's and Lp's of Count Basie , Duke Ellington... he loved Bennie Goodman. I live and breathe jazz!

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