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October 2010: New Features; New Opportunities

Michael Ricci By

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Dear fellow musician:

All About Jazz recently relaunched our website, making significant changes to our appearance and expanding the services we offer musicians. We've outlined some of the various opportunities that you can take advantage of below.

Our immediate plans are focused on improving our calendar of jazz events and our jazz photo gallery; you can help us by simply entering your dates and uploading your photos. The planned payoff is presenting your calendar information at All About Jazz, on the AAJ mobile calendar app, and at other points on the web through syndication.

Please help us continually support you by engaging our website and referring us to your musician friends.


  1. Musician Profile Upgrades
  2. Upload Your Photos
  3. Daily News You Can Use
  4. New Columns For Musicians
  5. Wanted: Musician Penned Articles
  6. Your Feedback

Musician Profile Upgrades

We continually improve how we present your All About Jazz profile. Our goal is to make it the central point for all your assets (photos, calendar, bio, fans, downloads, teaching info, videos, links, release info, articles, news, press info, etc.), and we're making progress on an audio service that will allow readers to hear your music.

AAJ offers several free services that we would like to see you explore. In addition to keeping your profile current, we'd like you to share your photos with our readers. Just upload the photos that appear on your MySpace page for starters, then upload new photos as they become available.

We revamped our calendar submission form and we're working on a new way for you to upload your dates in batches. We also plan to import dates from other sources, like our current arrangement with ArtistData/SonicBids, so please check to see if your dates are already listed before adding them.

Ultimately, your dates will appear in the free AAJ calendar app for iPhone and Android (coming soon).

In addition to the calendar and photo gallery, we'd like everyone to consider our Download of the Day service, where we feature your track on the home page, and our Take Five (self-directed Q&A) service, where your answers are published as an article.

Upload Your Photos

Please upload the photos that appear on your MySpace page from your profile page at All About Jazz.

HOW TO: Go to your musician profile page (search here); Click the "UPLOAD" link from the "PHOTOS" section, and AAJ will automatically tag and title your photos.

NOTE: only tagged photos are searchable and can be associated with your profile page, so please enter your name in the "tag" box associated with your photos.

Daily News You Can Use

We've greatly expanded our news center to include news for musicians. We're reading the leading music business blog feeds like Hypebot, We All Make Music and Digital Music News, and we vet the stories that we think are most relevant to you. Trends, tools, rights, interviews with experts in the field and general opinion pieces appear daily at AAJ .

Speaking of useful tools, we continue to develop our own musician toolkit, and add to the recommended musician resources beyond AAJ.

New Columns For Musicians

We've introduced a few musician-penned columns in the last several months. All—even Mr. P.C.'s—are focused on career enhancement.

ArtistShare founder Brian Camelio's The Art Of The Artist To Fan Relationship;

Guitarist/educator Chuck Anderson's The Art and Science of Jazz;

Musician/new media entrepreneur B.J. Jansen's The Business of Jazz;

And AAJ's resident advice columnist Mr. P.C. and his column Mr. P.C.'s Guide to Jazz Etiquette and Bandstand Decorum.

If you have a useful column in mind for your fellow musicians, please contact us. Include "AAJ Column Concept" in the subject of your email.

Wanted: Musician-Penned Articles

So, we're expanding our columns that speak directly to you, but we'd also like to continually publish articles by you within our Megaphone format. Megaphone is an opinion column that gives musician's the opportunity to discuss trends, express concerns, share ideas, and so on. If you have something to share with the professional jazz community, please contact us. We'll help you publish it.

Two other regular columns we'd like your help with are "Difference Makers: Methods for Fostering Jazz in your Community" and "Moving to New York? A Survival Guide." The former allows us to share ideas for building and mobilizing regional jazz communities; the latter provides useful tips for musicians that take that bold career step and move to New York.

Your Feedback... is greatly appreciated

We'd like to thank everyone who has taken the time to provide us with feedback. We have 69 pages of praise on our "Musicians Dig AAJ!" page. And we read every suggestion to improve the website. In fact, over time, we've implemented every suggestion that was within our financial means and we continue to work towards the more ambitious solutions like on-demand audio and video.

We'll be back in touch when we have more musician news to share. Until then...

All the best,

Michael Ricci

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