October 2003

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To All Ask Ken Readers:

My June, July and August 2003 Ask Ken columns were lost when the All About Jazz web site was recently attacked by hackers, and I didn’t have backup copies for any of them. If you have possibly archived any of these columns on your computer please email them to me at askkendryden@yahoo.com .

Your assistance in restoring them to the site will be greatly appreciated!
Ken Dryden

Bruce Tater from Campbell, TX wrote:

Here is a tough one to answer but kinda important to me. Back around 1945/46/47 on 78 RPMs there was an album (3 or 4 records in the package) put out by Capitol Records called MUSIC OUT OF THE MOON featuring the Theramin with themes by Harry Revel. Can you find out if this was ever released on vinyl or even thereafter on a CD? This music was quite unusual and even today would bring much interest to its sources. Thanks, Ken.


Believe it or not, this music by Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman with Les Baxter was reissued in 1999 as a part of a compilation assembled by the Polish label Basta. The full title of the CD is Music Out of the Moon/Perfume Set to Music/Music for Peace of Mind. Go to www.Bastamusic.com for more information.

J. Maurice Doucet of Halifax, Novia Scotia, Canada wrote:

I am looking for Ralph Burns LP Decca DL9207 Titled 'Very warm for Jazz.' Regards.


I found a copy of Ralph Burns' 'Very Warm for Jazz' at Euclidrecords.com for $19.99. Snap it up if you haven't already!

Dave Leising of Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands, wrote:

I found your site (allaboutjazz.com) by searching for Erroll Garner. Some time in de fifties (I was about 20 then...) my favorite record was a 25 cm. LP from Erroll Garner (the cover is white with green and black imprint). The album of course is now unfindable. Some numbers on this album: “Pavanne,” “Skylark” and “The Way You Look Tonight.” Have these songs ever been edited on a CD? Thanks a lot for helping an old Erroll Garner fan!


The session you remember featured 10 tracks recorded during one studio session on July 20, 1949. Five of them appeared on a Giants of Jazz bootleg compilation (#53103, I don't know the exact title), I'm unlcear as to what label first issued them, though Esquire, Blue Star and Atlantic put them out on various 78 rpm records, EPs or LPs.

Yesi of New York, NY wrote:

I’m looking for the album which contains the song "Everything Happens to Me," with Sonny Stitt on vocals and Dizzy Gillespie on the trumpet. Can you help? Thank You so much.


That particular track was recorded live for the Atlantic 2 record set 'The Giants of Jazz' in London. I found a copy of it at euclidrecords.com for just $7.99. Enjoy!

Anonymous wrote:

Is there a compact disc in existence of the double album, Soul Zodiac, that was on the Capitol Records label? Nat Adderley, Rick Holmes, Roy McCurdy, and George Duke just to name a few of the musicians on the sessions. If so, I am ready to purchase. Please let me know.


This session, which was led by Nat Adderley (Cannonball only appears on a couple of tracks) has not to my knowledge been reissued on CD.

Veea from Tornio, Finland wrote:

Hi! I was so happy to find this question about Oliver Nelson´s “Stolen Moments.” I would like to know who wrote the lyrics to this song because I would love to see them...or at least know who the writer is.

And I also have some good news for those who like Stolen Moments with lyrics; a fabulous group called How Many Sisters released a CD ‘Stolen Moments’ last year. It´s an album with truly beautiful new arrangements by awarded composer Anna-Mari Kähärä.

They have the lyrics you were looking for...(and I know where you stole them from).


Evidently the estate of Oliver Nelson, composer of "Stolen Moments," has been generous in allowing several different writers to contribute lyrics to individual interpretations of this song. Singer Mark Murphy's are probably the most widely known and recorded lyrics, though both Carmen McRae and Betty Carter recorded a version by someone named Fisher (I can't find his or her first name). And singer Joanie Pallatto recorded a CD with her own lyrics. Murphy's are the only ones listed in the ASCAP database.

Tom Schramm from Centralia, MO wrote:

I often use allmusicguide.com as a source when looking for recordings of an artist I'm interested in. Sometimes those selections awarded five stars or the check mark for 'best' are out-of-print. Amazon has been an occasional source as has the used section of record stores. One artist I really like, Teddy Wilson has two selections I just can't find:

Teddy Wilson: Central Avenue Blues (Vintage Jazz Classics CD 1013)

Teddy Wilson and his Allstars (Columbia) Looks like this was an LP and I'm not sure its available on CD. I have a Sony disc of the same name (Volume 1) but don't think its the same, and no other volumes. Any help with these?


I'm coming up empty so far on tracking a copy of Central Avenue Blues. This disc lapsed from print when Bernie Brightman's business folded (owner of Stash, Jazz Classics, Jass and the Vintage Jazz Classics labels). You might want to pre-order it at half.com so you can automatically buy it the next time it is listed by a dealer there, as it will probably go quickly.

I have better news about the two record set. Euclidrecords.com has a copy in stock for just $6.99.

Mike Ridley of Southam, Warwickshire, UK wrote:

Ive just purchased an album by Billy Harper, part of the Folio Collection, which has no title or any details other than track titles - 1.e., "Priestess", "Calvary" and "Illumination", and personnel. The trumpet player is one Everett Hollis, of whom I've never heard and can find no other trace of, anywhere. It sounds at times suspiciously like Freddie Hubbard and I wondered if this was perhaps a pseudonym? Any ideas?

Thanks in anticipation.


Everett Hollins (not Hollis) doesn't seem to be a pseudonym. In addition to appearing on two albums by Billy Harper, he has also recorded as a sideman with Archie Shepp and Weldon Irvine. I haven't been able to track down any additional information about him.

Tom Phillips (Jazz dj/writer) of Gettysburg, PA wrote:

I have an instrumental recording of "I'll Only Miss Her When I Think Of Her". I know a rising jazz vocalist/pianist recording her 4th jazz CD wants lyrics, which she can't find. Her first 3 have garnered rave reviews worldwide. Where can we get sheet music w/lyrics? Or is CD with lyrics available? Thanks.


Jim Ferguson sang this song on his CD 'Deep Summer Music.' It also appears on Tony Bennett's 40 Year Anthology. I'm not too sure about sheet music sources.

Barry wrote:

Do you know of anyone who has a copy of Hal McKusick's "Jazz Workshop" LP on Victor? I suspect the chances of that making it to disc are slim, and I'm looking to digitize a copy from vinyl.


Euclid Records (www.euclidrecords.com) has a French RCA copy of Hal McKusick's 'Jazz Workshop' in stock for $9.99.


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