NY Free Quartet, Michael Gregory Jackson & Marc Jufer

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There's a wide variety of great tunes this episode: Club d'Elf kicks it off with the title track to their latest live set, saxophonist Muriel Grossmann and her quartet acknowledge the musical and mystical paths of John Coltrane, the New York Free Quartet's Dream Time marks their return to releasing excellent work, and the very influential guitarist Michael Gregory Jackson's latest debuts. There's more, of course, from Swiss tenor player Marc Jufer and trio, and the Frenchmen Stephan Oliva and Sebastien Boisseau - Matthieu Donarier teamed with Tom Rainey, and more from Dustin Laurenzi's Moondog tribute (and Moondog himself!). Finally, check out the music of Italian drummer Tony Arco who draws upon one of his mentors, fellow drummer Rakalam Bob Moses for his Colors of the Soul.


  • Club D'Elf "Night Sparkles" from Night Sparkles (Self-released) 00:00
  • Host speaks 11:01
  • Muriel Grossman Quartet "Trane" from Golden Rule (Dreamland) 13:27
  • David Chevallier "Stéréotypes Solitaires" from Pyromanes (LeSonArt) 25:33
  • Wojciech Jachna, Grzegorz Tarwid & Albert Karch "Sudden Rush Part 2" from Sundial III (Hevhet Tune) 29:49
  • Wojciech Jachna, Grzegorz Tarwid & Albert Karch "Sudden Rush Recomposed" from Sundial III (Hevhet Tune) 31:20
  • Host speaks 39:30
  • Patrick O'Reilly "Belligerent Extension" from Three Sheets to the Wind (Gold Bolus) 40:29
  • Gebhard Ullmann Basement Research "Kleine Figuren Part III" from Don't Touch My Music (NotTwo) 45:25
  • Host speaks 54:24
  • Michael Gregory Jackson Clarity Quartet "Spin (for Baikida Carroll)" from WHENUFINDITUWILLKNOW (Self-released) 56:18
  • Amirtha Kidambi "Eat the Rich" from From Untruth (Northern Spy) 1:00:15
  • Host speaks 1:13:10
  • New York Free Quartet "In Between Gigs, Can You Dig?" from Dream Time (Self-released) 1:14:43
  • Goran Kajfes "Traces Left Behind" from Into The Wild (Head) 1:25:18
  • Host speaks 1:36:01
  • Moondog "All Is Loneliness" from The Viking pf Sixth Avenue (Honest Jon's) 1:37:01
  • Dustin Laurenzi "All Is Loneliness" from Snake Time: The Music of Moon Dog (Astral Spirits) 1:38:38
  • Tony Arco "Life and Death of the Slender Man" from Colors of the Soul (UR) 1:45:52
  • Host speaks 1:52:44
  • Marc Jufer Trio " Symétrique Ascendant" from Trip to the Center (QFTF) 1:55:01
  • Marc Jufer Trio "Sick" from Trip to the Center (QFTF) 1:59:39
  • Host speaks 2:05:37
  • Stéphan Oliva, Sebastien Boisseau & Tom Rainey "Wavin" from Orbit (Yolk) 2:07:40
  • Stéphan Oliva, Sebastien Boisseau & Tom Rainey "Split Screen" from Orbit (Yolk) 2:15:05
  • Yusuf Komunyakaa, David Cieri & Mike Brown "Prisoner of Love" from Dark Furniture (Ropeadope) 2:18:37
  • Host speaks 2:23:50
  • New York Free Quartet "For Roy" from Dream Time (Self-released) 2:24:16
  • Adam Rudolph, David Liebman & Hamid Drake "Continuum" from Chi (RareNoise) 2:32:22
  • Henri Texier Hope Quartet "Desaparecido" from At L'Improviste (Label Bleu) 2:38:20
  • Host speaks 2:48:40
  • Muriel Grossman Quartet "Light" from Golden Rule (Dreamland) 2:49:41


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