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November 2008

Michael Ricci By

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Dear fellow AAJ contributor,

We wanted to bring a few new features and a few requests to your attention...

  • Hotlink Musician Names

    You can now hotlink a musician name to their profile page by placing two curly braces around the name, like {{Ted Nash}}. We encourage you to start linking names. Give it a try on your most recent article.

  • Recommended Articles

    The editorial staff features articles as FEATURED STORIES and CD reviews in the FEATURED RELEASES box, but we wanted to empower our readers and allow them to recommend articles too. They do this by clicking the new RECOMMEND button on each article page. View the count on this article and click the link to view other reader recommendations.

  • Server Update

    We've worked on our server platform over the last two weeks and though we've made progress, you'll still experience delays and interruptions in service. The good news is we're growing quickly and attracting new readers. The bad news is it's expensive to support a site that reaches as many readers as AAJ. We have a few more ideas to resolve the load problem and we're confident the site will be more responsive and more reliable in the coming weeks.

  • CD Reviewers Wanted

    We started assigning a new batch of CDs for review last month and we hope to assign several hundred more this week. We're reaching out to writers now and will continue to do so for the next month. If we haven't contacted you yet and you're ready to review CDs, please email me if you're interested in the following genres: straight-ahead, latin, blues, hot club/swing, free improv and vocals. Place "SEND CDS TO [YOUR NAME]" in the subject, and specify the genre(s) of interest, the volume you can cover in the next two months, and your mailing address.

  • WYSIWYG Update

    The WYSIWYG editor did not work out the way we had hoped. Since most of us only need to know the italics tag, we'd like to ask that you use the default plain-text editor. It makes life easier for the editorial staff and would be greatly appreciated.

  • Please Post News

    If you receive industry announcements via email, please post the worthwhile ones to the News Center. News posting responsibility falls on the shoulders of a few people and we could really use the help.

  • Create Musician Profiles

    If you've written a review about a musician who does not have an AAJ musician profile, please create one. It only takes a few minutes if the musician has a website. Go to the Musician Center, click SUBMIT PROFILE, and copy and paste the basic information.

For those celebrating Thanksgiving, enjoy the turkey! For everyone else, thanks for reading, and talk to you soon!

Michael Ricci


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