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Eve Risser (1982), a highly versatile pianist/flautist, is one of the most venturesome forces of the younger French generation of musicians. Her most audacious and simultaneously endearing enterprise as a leader and composer are her orchestras, first the ten-piece White Desert Orchestra (Les Deux Versants Se Regardent) and its offshoots, the two African versions of the Red Desert Orchestra, the Red Desert Orchestra + Kaladjula band as well as the Red Desert Orchestra + Bambara/Hié/Hié. The orchestras bundle up some of the strongest musicians of the younger generation such as Julien Desprez, Antonin-Tri Hoang, Sylvaine Hélar or Sophie Bernado. On the other side of her musical range we find strong improvisational configurations such as the 'free' trio En Corps with drummer Edward Perraud and bassist Benjamin Duboc, and quite a number of duos. She herself lists seven configurations. In between these two poles you find the five-piece French-Norwegian-Romanian configuration of l'ensemble ensemble. The orchestras also include Norwegian, Dutch and German musicians.

Mari Kvien-Brunvoll (1984) is a Norwegian vocalist from Bergen. She started to perform ten years ago using little instruments and electronics (not so common then as now). With her vocal performing style, her timbre, phrasing and texture she came with a clear signature of her own. Her vocal approach has some similarities with the loose and edgy phrasing of Björk, with Björk's natural as well as exalted theatre of voice. Cadence and intonation of Brunvoll's singing are deeply rooted in Norwegian language (as that of Björk is rooted in Icelandic language)—also in wordless singing. She makes use of it and emphasizes it in a playful way—including singing in her vernacular Norwegian dialect. She employs a lot of non-straight singing maneuvers by means of various ways of distortion including radical muting her voice's sound. She's a member of the trio Building Instrument and collaborates with Bergen slide-guitarist Stein Urheim. Building Instrument's hand-made esthetics glues together traces from various sources in a highly idiosyncratic and original way.

George Dumitriu is an award-winning Romanian violinist/guitarist and an Amsterdam resident. He has a strong background in his native folk and classical music as well as in live-electronics as a firm basis of his duo with Turkish vocalist Sanem Kalfa (Dance) and his own unit DUMItRIO with bassist Mattia Magatelli and drummer/cellist Kristjan Kreyčan (Proverb) from Slovenia. He is also part of the Octet of Slovenian pianist Kaja Draksler and the Amsterdam quintet of Romanian clarinetist Alex Simu a.o..

Toma Gouband is an extraordinary French drummer/percussionist and free improviser who has played in a vast variety of collaborations and compositions. Besides Norwegian percussionist Terje Isungset he is one of the few in the field to systematically use all kinds of non-treated natural materials such as stones, boughs, stems etc.... He is featured in vast variety of French, Belgian, Dutch, Norwegian and Australian collaborations. He is a master of lending magical musical forces to natural sound sources.

Matthias Konrad is a fine trombonist of German origin, who is a member of a couple of well-known large ensembles.

Alex Simu is a multiple award-winning clarinetist and saxophonist of Romanian origin. He co-founded the group internationally acclaimed group Arifa, based in the Netherlands and leads his own quintet comprising Franz von Chossy (piano),) George Dumitriu (viola/guitar) Jorg Brinkmann (cello) and Kristijan Krajncan (cello/drums). He also works in a duo with New York based pianist Lucian Ban and is an award-winning film composer.


As a kind of sound track, the music made a mark on the surrounding and the senses of the audience connected to the surroundings in a very personal way as a result of an absorbent subliminal listening process. In and through such a long stretch the perception changes, refines, and intensifies considerably for the audiences as well as for the musicians. The remarkable and unique setup of RDT, especially the combination of duration, time slot, location, and music(ians) enabled mutual permeability and evoked a multidimensional experience quality beyond expectation and wishing. Music went through vision through time through light ... . A different level and higher dimension of experiencing music was achieved in this setup thanks to the felicitous hand of instigator Raluca Baicu.

Selective Discography

  • Hoera—Beestentijd. Granvat Book of Air—fieldtone. Subrosa
  • Book of Air—VVOLK. Subrosa
  • Book of Air—se (in) bos. Subrosa
  • Building Instruments—Mangelen Min. Hubro
  • Stein Urheim—Utopian Tales. Hubro
  • George Dumitriu/Sanem Kalfa—Dance. Dumitriu&Kalfa
  • Kim Myhr— You | Me. Hubro
  • Eve Risser White Desert Orchestra—Les Deux Versants Se Regardent. Clean Feed
  • Trio En Corps—Generations. Dark Tree Records
  • Eve Risser/Marcelo Dos Reis—Timeless. JACC Records
  • Alex Simu—Echoes of Bucharest. Berthold
  • Lucian Ban/Alex Simu—Free Fall. Sunnyside


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