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Rudi Records new release: "Hear in Now" by Mazz Swift, Tomeka Reid and Silvia Bolognesi


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Hear in Now (Rudi Records, 2012)
Mazz Swift: violin
Tomeka Reid: cello
Silvia Bolognesi: doublebass

“If the same piece of music is played multiple times it will take on a new life at each performance. When improvisation is added the music becomes new music that did not exist before. The music I speak about is the music coming from “HEAR in NOW," the trio consisting of Mazz Swift on violin, Tomeka Reid on cello and Silvia Bolognesi on bass. They begin by telling us stories, these stories have all kinds of twists and turns plots and counterplots. They may go back into history or move forward into the future. The catalyst is the moment, the spontaneous now! Each musician always plays many roles, the lead player shifts from musician to musician and just like any great theater troupe it goes way past theatre into a reality that is universal in it's outreach. People of all races, ages and personalities can listen to this music and get caught up in its beautiful web of poetics.

The musicians use sound hieroglyphics to set up structures that construct and deconstruct regrouping after every excursion. These compositions change hue and timbre landing at different positions then eventually returning to a place of silence.

This is music with a new sensibility that flies and hops over fields of blues, jazz, bluegrass, classical, yet it is none of these things; it is MUSIC—nameless, eloquent, not locked into category. 12 illuminated strings singing, as one voice. (Bowing, plucking, pulling, strumming, tapping and scrapping to transform sound into tone) Writing sonnets that are full of drama, satire and pathos. This new music is based on love and respect for other human beings. Its tonic is not C major or G diminished; its tonic is compassion for all who live.

The songs created on this CD, as in all great music, speak for themselves—there is no need to decode anything. You can hear the love, the beauty, and the strength coming from this unique combination of young women, who dance together in rhythm, melody, space and time in order to have their individual voices heard. All of their entrances and exits are perfect. Not the stiff kind of perfection but the natural perfection that is connected to nature. “HEAR in NOW" is into it. They participate in both complex and simple conversations. The good thing is they have gratefully invited us to join them. We speak by listening. By going inside ourselves we can enter into this wonderful world of music. There are eight pieces of music on this CD. Three written by Silvia Bolognesi, two written by Mazz Swift and two penned by Tomeka Reid plus one composition that is composed by all of the players. There are all kinds of things happening every second. All I can say they are all wonderful.

SO keep listening. Discover for yourself. Listen and Listen again and again then listen some more until this music is part of your life."

—William Parker






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