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Ireland's Adam Nolan Trio To Release 'Prim And Primal' On August 19, 2021


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Prolific saxophonist Adam Nolan will soon release his latest trio album featuring Irish jazz musicians Derek Whyte (double bass) and Dominic Mullan (drums). The concept is of two jazz personalities, the polite humble sweet sounding, and the aggressive wild punk rebel.

Each track is a visceral experience combining fantastical imagery and unique scenarios. Before each piece was recorded images and ideas would come to Nolan's mind that he would explain to the new rhythm section. The trio moved beyond the original ideas effortlessly and this is a characteristic for his improvisational style of creative musicality.

Bold, risky, authentic, fresh, the goal is to constantly innovate, move in levels of musicality intensity and harness an expansive expression of imagery.

“Each album I am levelling up and working on the things that I need to. It doesn’t end and I love that. To keep moving and to keep learning. This music is a pure reflection of the self-development process.”

Energy shifts are the closest Nolan sails to form and structure. The music is rooted in the moment and it is there that it flourishes. Nolan has excavated the very soul of his creativity and now he’s ready for the world to experience this new approach that cannot be faked.

“I could go anywhere with music…I could create any scene or at least reflect it. It was clearly some kind of magic I wanted to master.”

“I’ve been described as a modern Ornette Coleman on steroids. It makes me laugh and proud at the same time. I’ve had many influences. For this album I really explored some other very interesting musicians”

“It’s what life is about for me, to experience… and this music is the real experience…you gotta be ready because there’s no faking this stuff”

About Adam Nolan

Born in Kilkenny, Ireland in 1993. He took up the saxophone at age 14 and previously played rock and funk drums for some time. He found a love in the expressive nature of the saxophone new opportunities this provided. After finishing his Bachelor of Honours (Music) Degree in Jazz Performance and Composition at WIT. In 2015 he set a goal to create as much music as possible. Working as a session musician for Irish groups he would be always the one in the other room practising during the soundcheck. But free jazz kept calling him. “I had to focus solely on my craft because other people’s music kept coming into my improvisations so I left that world and went on to creating my own.”

Adam is a free jazz saxophonist based in Ireland. In the past three years he has become known as one of the most fearless jazz musicians on the planet. Each album is completely concept based and 100 percent improvised. Striving to create new scenes and landscapes with a bold edge unlike anything currently on the scene. Authenticity comes from his modern approach with old school style concepts and influences. “You gotta be tough in all kinds of ways for this stuff”

Each performance is, uniquely, 100% improvised, and completely based on the energy of the environment and the audience. Perfect for festivals as the ever-changing sound will leave the listener always wanting more. An adventure of a lifetime the world has been waiting for. Pure honest raw improvisation. Energy and meditation are a driving force creatively. “My mind is constantly being updated with fresh new concepts and ways of viewing the creative process; it also comes into my own life too. My mind and lifestyles change with the music.”

He released his first album in 2018 titled ‘Expanding the Consciousness’ and from there a creative snowball effect took place. Since then he has recorded 15 albums. Including Zen Warrior, The Great Conjunction and It Is What It Is.

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