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Adrian Cunningham Master of The Heart Strings New CD Release


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Adrian Cunningham: Jazz Master of the Heart Strings

By Aparna Datta

When we think of jazz musicians we typically expect the best artists to be over the age of 50, after all they have had more experience and more training. However, once in a while we stumble across a young jazz artist who plays as if he has been playing for over a century and Adrian Cunningham is this type of performer.

Adrian Cunningham is a young Australian Jazz artist from Sydney who has the amazing talent of making his emotions metamorphous into beautiful songs. He makes playing the Alto/Tenor Saxophones and Clarinet look as easy as brushing your teeth. He composes heart warming songs by reflecting upon the emotions he has felt throughout a variety of life experiences and this allows his audience to share these emotions as they listen to him.

Having performed throughout Australia, Asia, Europe, The United States, and even Africa it is obvious that his team of musicians; Gordon Rytmeister: Drums, Bill Risby: Piano, Tony Azzopardi: Percussion, Stuart French: Acoustic Guitar, David Pudney: Bass, and Victor Rounds: vocals, are able to mix their talents into sounds that are universally enjoyable. He has also released 2 phenomenal CDs. His second CD “The View from Here" contains nine outstanding and emotionally charged tracks from beginning to end. Not only was the CD produced by him but seven out of the nine songs were also personally written by him.

As most of us know we usually buy a CD for just a few good songs, or even just one, but this CD has one great hit after another and will definitely not be a dust collector. It is not only just for Jazz lovers but for anyone who enjoys music that evokes true emotions and it would make a perfect addition to your Apple iPod play list. With fast songs such as “Unrequited," written about an unrequited crush he experienced as a 12 year old, your day is bound to start on an upbeat note and help motivate you to get what you want without being afraid. If you are drained from a hard day at work and flying away to a tropical island is an unreachable concept listening to the two part “Island suite" is the second best thing to being there.

Many songs by popular artists are often badly re-created and cannot compare to the original, but Adrian Cunningham’s unique rendition of U2’s “With or Without You” would surely make Bono and the band of U2 feel completely flattered. It can create the perfect romantic atmosphere for a special night for two, or can help you recapture the heart of someone you want back.

A definite hit on Adrian's Cunningham’s CD is “Goodbye Soup," a song he wrote as a dedication to the closing of a popular Jazz restaurant in Sydney, “Plus Soup," that subsequently ended up not closing but just moving. “Goodbye Soup" possesses a sound that will instantly make you feel a sense of sentimentality, reminding you of your most favorite and cherished memories. As he describes, “Plus Soup felt like a comfortable pair of old sneakers" and you can feel that while listening to this song.

The fifth and most heartwarming song on the CD is “Bye You All." This song is dedicated to his father who sadly passed away 6 years ago. The loss of a parent is one of the greatest pains anyone can endure and shortly after his father’s death he managed to masterfully compose all of his emotions into this song. He was able to capture the love he felt for his father with the intensity of his loss and brilliantly combined it all together. His father would undoubtedly be honored and very proud.

Many musicians cannot create a sound that is suited for all ages but this CD fits perfectly into all age groups. For parents who wish their young children and teenagers would listen to someone other than Britney Spears or Eminem this CD is a must have. For the teenage girls in your household Adrian Cunningham is not only talented but he is definitely easy on the eyes so you can expect all of those Justin Timberlake posters to be replaced. For the teenage boys this CD is sure to help them impress the girl they have been daydreaming about much more than 50 cent ever could.

Talent can raise an artist to a certain level of success, but to capture the hearts of truly dedicated fans requires much more. An artist must posses a talent that can produce music which can be felt internally and Adrian Cunningham enraptures all of this. His music will easily grab onto your heart.

To purchase Adrian Cunningham’s CD or to read more about him you can visit his website: www.adriancunningham.com

Aparna Datta is a published Writer, Photographer & Graphic Designer who provides Promotional and Marketing services to individuals and companies worldwide. To contact her view her website at: www.aparnadatta.com

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