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10 Ft. Ganja Plant Deliver The Roots on "10 Deadly Shots, Vol 1"


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10 Ft. Ganja Plant brings the sound of roots, rocksteady and dub from the smokey hills and rough streets of Jamaica to the ears of their rabid fans around the globe. On 10 Deadly Shots, the mysterious reggae collective captures the vibe of classic reggae and distills it down to it's essence--without vocals. The tracks were mastered directly to vinyl with the digital / CD parts cut from the vinyl lacquer. This unique process lets these 10 gems breathe with the warmth and soul of the island.

The album was delivered to ROIR on Wednesday April 14th and released as an exclusive digital download on the group's website on April 20th or 420, which is a day to celebrate cannabis culture. The album is also available at all digital retail stores. The band will be releasing a full length vocals album later this year.

The CD will be released on the band's official website on July 6 and will be available in stores on August 10.

“10 Ft. Ganja Plant is woven of authentic Jamaican colors...Purists should know that 10 Ft. are neither mockingbirds nor worshippers at the temple. They are old-school scholars teaching a generation weaned on dancehall the joy of knowing one's roots." -- Global Rhythm

“They could be from New England, they could be from Hawaii, but from the sound of these tunes their hearts belong somewhere in the smoky hills of Clarendon, Jamaica."-- The Wire

Who are 10 Ft. Ganja Plant?

10 Ft. Ganja Plant are a dub & roots reggae band shrouded in mystery. They hail from the Northeast and are rumored to share members with another much heralded reggae group, John Brown's Body. Anyone who has seen them live or owns one of their albums can attest to the fact that no other band has captured the 70's spirit quite like this crew.

It's a cold weekend in February and the Cessnas land. The vibes brew as the room fills, while the bass thumps a beat and the snare drum rings a tune. The chords echo through the room as the smell of analog tape enters the air...A familiar start to a 10 Ft. Ganja Plant recording session. We like to keep things fresh, create a vibe, throw around the ideas, write the track, record the track and never play it again. We record almost all of the records live, everyone in one room. The exception would be the occasional vocal, keyboard guitar horn line that was impossible to play at the same time. All of the material is captured by reel to reel 2, 4, 8, 16, 24 tracks. During this particular session we were using 8 tracks.

The tracks were as follows: 1 drums; 2 bass; 3 guitar; 4 guitar lead; 5 organ/farfisa; 6 rhodes/clavinet; 7 tenor saxophone; 8 percussion.

After the record is mixed down to analog we send it to mastering. 10 Deadly Shots went through a very unique mastering process to add to the sound and feel you are hearing. The master was put through a Neumann sp79c Console to a Neumann SAL74b cutting rack then to a Neumann VMS 80 cutting lathe where the lacquer (record) was born. Yes that's right, cut straight to vinyl. The last and final step is a high quality transfer from the lacquer to a digital format that you can enjoy as the album 10 Deadly Shots!

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