April Barrows: My Dream is You

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April Barrows: My Dream is You

Ya’all know that Nashville is synonymous with country music. Isn’t it nice everything changes?! Not only has Nashville grown into a mega-songwriting/publishing town, but there are strong factions of many types of music — especially JAZZ, being recorded and released there now! April Barrows first album, "MY DREAM IS YOU" is a fantastic representation of what the new Nashville music scene has to offer. The album was first released on April’s own label, Mellotone Records, and in a few short months grabbed the attention of Herbie Mann and the staff at Kokopelli Records. She was signed to Kokopelli in short order and the album is now being distributed by them.

April wrote or co-wrote 10 of the songs on this album, including the title cut. She is an imaginative writer whose melodies turn corners where you least expect it. Her lyrics take you back to a simpler time when love was naïve and sweet like holding hands on the front porch swing, and rhythm made you feel like dancing up a light pole with Fred Astaire!

April turns on the coy sweetheart performances on "My Dream is You," when she sings playfully "Einstein had one - So did Edison - I’ve got one too - I have a dream - and that dream is you!" And then again on "Burning the Toast;" a song about a couple of newlyweds learning about love, with lines like "The coffees weak but my love is strong!"

Just when you wonder if she’s for real - April toys about getting even with a less than up and up lover in "Someone Else’s Arms;" after all "If it’s okay for you to play, than it should be all right for me!" And then there is the very moody "Lost in a Blue Note," that could’ve been sung by Billie Holiday (whom April credits as an influence). The album hits a swinging peak on another Barrows original, "Jumping into Spring."

The musicianship is excellent, including industry session mainstays such as Beegie Adair on piano, Roy Huskey, Jr. on Bass, George Tidwell on Trumpet and arrangements, and David Hungate on Acoustic Guitar, Valve Trombone, arrangements, and many cowriting credits. Also credited are Chris Brown, drums; Denis Solee on Saxophones and clarinet, Andre Reiss and Jack Pearson on Electric Guitar, and Farrell Morris on Vibes.

The album is skillfully arranged; without electronic tricks on the players or April’s lyrics. Perfect listening with a bottle of wine and an intimate dance in the living room; or over coffee on a laid-back late Sunday morning.

Title: My Dream is You | Year Released: 1997 | Record Label: Kokopelli Records


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