Pedro Henry

Pedro Henry

Musicians | Instrument: Bass | Location: Sao Paulo

Updated: May 22, 2023

Born: July 20, 1982

Pedro Henry, Brazilian bassist, producer and composer, born in Botucatu, in the interior of São Paulo. He began to be interested in music at the age of 14, influenced by his cousin, and soon started playing in church. At the age of 16, he started playing professionally in samba groups and dances in several houses in his city and region. At the age of 18 he went to the capital São Paulo to study at the largest music school in Brazil, the former EM & T where he studied for 4 years and behaved himself. There he met and studied with great musicians such as: Michel Leme, Celso Pixinga, Nilton Wood, Edu Letti among others. He also attended USC and Souza Lima & Berklee.

In 2018, he participated in the bassist meeting in Nashville (USA), organized by master Victor Wooten. The meeting was attended by great musicians from around the world, where he had the opportunity to play alongside great names such as: Oteil Burbridge, Roy Wooten "Future Man", Kelly Gravelly and Victor Wooten.

In 2020, during the pandemic, he began to create and compose music, starting his first album entitled “influences”. The album shows a bit of everything he has experienced in music to date, studies, concerts, jamz sessions, disco ears, idols and musical references. On the disc you can hear several languages ​​and musical styles such as: R&B, Funky, Fusion, Gospel, Jazz and Samba. Each song features guest appearances by great musicians, namely: George Spanky Mccurdy (drums), Bob Franceschini (sax), Tyrone Turner Jr (drums), Timothy Ferguson (sax), Léo Carvalho (drums), Walmir Gil (trumpet) , Nelson Triunfo (singer and dancer), Michel Leme (guitar), Cassiano Andrade (percussion), Jonatas Paes (piano), Sema Costa (drums), Buck Cordão (guitar and mixing), Lucas Fabris (sax), Rinaldo Santos ( trumpet), David Ramos and Raíssa Ramos (vocals).

He is currently director and professor at IMA (Instituto de Música Acorde), one of the largest music schools in Brazil and a member of Jazz in Band.


Premiada como a melhor metodologia de ensino musical pela Status Publicidade e Pesquisa nos anos de 2017, 2018 e 2019.


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