Ethan Sultry

Ethan Sultry

Instrument: Guitar | Location: Los Angeles

This is a rare and delightful mix of Gypsy roots, Delta Blues, and sleek jazz. Vocals are compelling and the percussion wills you to move along with the music.

Updated: May 30, 2021

Born: May 3, 1978

Raised in Cleveland, OH, Ethan Sultry (last name Margolis) comes from a family of musicians. Unhappy with the commercial music industry’s focus, he moved from playing punk rock music and blues in Ann Arbor, Michigan to beginning a new life in Seville, Spain at the age of 21. He spent the next 11 years immersed in the Gypsy circuit of Andalusian Flamenco music and specifically amongst the Pinini Family of Gypsy singers. In 2006, with the desire to support roots Andalusian Gypsy Song (Cante Gitano Andaluz), Margolis premiered his Flamenco touring company 'Arte Y Pureza' (Art and Purity). Arte Y Pureza toured internationally for the following six years. In 2007, Margolis produced and played guitar on Aires Gitanos the long-awaited release of the iconic Flamenco Singer/Dancer, Miguel Funi.

In 2009 Margolis composed an impressive two-hour score for Spanish Day, The Flamenco Rock Opera which toured in the USA and featured artistic collaborator, Bill Watterson (creator Calvin and Hobbes). Since moving back from Spain to Los Angeles in 2010, Margolis has dedicated himself to furthering the investigations started by Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, and Sabicas as they all explored the essential ties between Jazz, Blues, and Flamenco.

Margolis’s first cd release for a jazz quintet was in 2014 with Soleangeles. In 2016, he debuted his first original vocal album, Sonikete Blues, which was recorded in Andalusia and Los Angeles. The album was featured as an iTunes editor's choice in the contemporary Blues category and received praise from producers like Ricardo Pachón (producer of Camarón de la Isla) and Larry Cohn (producer of the Robert Johnson Anthology and Sony’s Roots n Blues series). The respected jazz editorial, All About Jazz, released a feature article on Margolis’s solo career and his album, Sonikete Blues.

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(All About Jazz) ”Margolis' guitar playing in “La Referencia” is no less than brilliant: Its sound almost glows, bright and sharp yet warm and emotional—a musician using exemplary technique to let his soul shine through.”

(Pittsburgh Magazine) Margolis' dramatic strums and burbling runs of single notes comment on the action.

(LA Times) ”performs masterfully”

(NY Times) ”a triumph”

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