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Atonal Assassin

(Atonal is endorsed by MG Basses, Nordstrand Audio, and Mooer Audio/Osiamo)

Atonal Assassin is a masked, multidimensional bassist that has gathered musical skills from alternate realities, to become one of the hardest grooving bassists on the scene today. Atonal’s mission is simple: evolve every piece of music in any genre to its highest, purest, most beautiful form, while preserving music the masters have left everyone throughout space and time.

Before evolving into this form, Atonal has had quite the musical journey- a requirement to understanding as many aspects of music as possible.

On various instruments, and before becoming masked, he’s been able to work with some of the most influential musicians and producers in music, including Eddie Palmieri, Ray Barretto, Tim Gilles, Henry Cole, Giovanni Hidalgo, Suit Of Lights, Alfredo Rodriguez, Papo Vazquez, Ray Santos, and many more, serving as a sideman for 21 years pre pandemic. Atonal’s influences are quite wide, but the majority come from the depth of 8 and 16 bit video games. “Music I listened to 30+ years ago that I can still hum today,” is how he explains it. “I love music from the 70’s- especially anything with a clavé, and electronic jazz, which was called fusion back then, anything from the ECM record label, etc.. and you can hear those influences in the game music I was exposed to in my youth in the 80’s and 90’s.”

Coming from such heavy alternate musical realities, Atonal wanted his basses to have the same versatility, ease of personal tone, and grew frustrated with what was on the market- so he and a close friend built his first “franken- bass;” a passive jazz bass setup from various parts, with a set of NJ4se pickups as its brain. It was alive with not only its own unique tone, but along with a simple passive switch setup, Atonal is able to dial in almost anything he has needed, even bringing his groove to the prime Earth NY/NJ music scene, from places like the Bitter End, to the former Maxwells, even Chris’s Jazz Cafe in Philadelphia, to recording with the very talented Suit Of Lights. “When I need some bite, I can dig in and poof, it’s there. When I want some woody reggae- like beef it’s there. I’ve even been able to dial up p-bass tones using just the front pickup and cranking the tone up! The best part is though, no matter what tone is dialed up, it’s still from this beautiful core, generated by those sweet pups.”

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“You don’t need lessons, you need gigs,” - John Benitez

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