Music in the Key of Om & Music From The Hearts of the Masters


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Jack DeJohnette
Music in the Key of Om
Kindred Rhythm

Throughout his career Jack DeJohnette has persistently marched to the beat of his own proverbial different drummer, so it's no surprise to find the remarkable multidirectional musician initiating his own imprint to document aspects of his art that do not fit neatly into the purview of the jazz record labels for which he regularly records. His first Golden Beams release, Music In The Key of Om is "music for meditating, relaxation and healing, featuring DeJohnette on the Korg Triton keyboard and his own creation, Sabian Jack DeJohnette Resonating Bells. The hour of music is one extended Indian influenced piece with DeJohnette intoning a perpetual synthesized bass drone over which he explores a simple pleasing melody in repetitive cycles demarcated by the vibrations of the resonating bells. As a keyboardist he manages to coax a marvelously fluid human sound with an almost vocal quality from the electronic instrument, one that is integral to a dream-like state of peacefulness the music succeeds in achieving.

Jack DeJohnette & Foday Musa Suso
Music From The Hearts of the Masters
Kindred Rhythm

Just as peace is the stated goal of Music In The Key of Om, joy is the obvious objective of Music From The Hearts of the Masters, DeJohnette's duo collaboration with Gambian griot kora master Foday Musa Suso. This is incredibly rewarding music that demonstrates DeJohnette's mastery of the drum kit's expansive tones and rhythms in a setting in which he is not often heard. On each of the nine tracks Suso lays down a melodic groove that the drummer directs and complements with a multitude of rhythms from around the world. The opening "Ocean Wave begins in tango time and then moves into a more Caribbean mood. "Ancient Techno mixes modern and traditional sounds and rhythms while "Rose Garden utilizes the kora's kotoish sound and the resonating bells' gong-like quality to create an Eastern mood. "Worldwide Funk is a powerfully rocking display of the participants' innovative virtuosity reflected in Suso's electronically enhanced sounds and DeJohnette's rhythmic snare drum and ride cymbal.

The traditional Manding piece "Kaira that divides the disc has a fresh feel as a result of the rare combination of African kora and American trap drum kit. "Mountain Love Dance is an exercise in subtlety on which DeJohnette uses mallets to extract a rich array of overtones from his instrument, which Suso complements wonderfully. The kora master's "Party is a celebratory piece that showcases DeJohnette's amazing footwork on bass drum and sock cymbal. "Voice of the Kudrus is a collaboratively improvised call-and-response conversation that is superbly satisfying for the range of expression each musician demonstrates. The concluding "Sunjatta Keita is another traditional composition, but this disc is anything but traditional. Neither world beat nor jazz, it is simply the expression of two broadminded modern masters doing their best to break down barriers. And having a good time doing it.

Music in the Key of Om

Tracks: 1 Music in the Key of Om DeJohnette 60:51

Personnel: Jack DeJohnette, Keyboards, Bells

Music From The Hearts of the Masters

Tracks: 1 Ocean Wave DeJohnette, Suso 6:25, 2 Ancient Techno DeJohnette, Suso 6:32, 3 Rose Garden DeJohnette, Suso 5:10, 4 Worldwide Funk DeJohnette, Suso 6:45, 5 Kaira Traditional 6:45, 6 Mountain Love Dance DeJohnette, Suso 7:58, 7 Party Suso 4:37, 8 Voice of the Kudrus DeJohnette, Suso 9:31, 9 Sunjatta Keita De Johnette, Suso ... 8:13

Personnel: Jack DeJohnette, Drums; Foday Musa Suso, Kora


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