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AAJ: Yeah, yeah, the violinist.

MS: Oh man, this cat plays his ass off. He's crazy in a good way. A funny cat and just a smokin' player. He can play the hell out of that instrument. It's ridiculous. He's very respected as a classical violinist. Some serious shit that people are really into. But we played Jimi Hendrix stuff. I mean he was rockin' it. A big Marshall amplifier, loud as hell.

AAJ: That sounds awesome. I'm sure a lot of people would love to hear that. I'd love to hear you guys doing that stuff.

MS: Well it looks like you might get to do that, Jim. We are looking to do some shows together next year in the July through September range.

AAJ: Outstanding. That will all be in Europe though, right?

MS: I'm pretty sure we are going to do some shows in the States as well. That's the plan anyways. The promoter gave me some pretty specific dates to hold.

AAJ: I know I just said this a few minutes ago, but I'm there!

MS: I figured as much. I will keep you posted on that.

AAJ: Thank you. Yes, please do so that we can keep our readers updated.

MS: Next year is a monumental year for Hendrix. It's the fiftieth anniversary of his death (September 18th, 1970). So, it seems like a good time for us to do it. Nigel likes to play really loud and is into the drama and dynamics of it all. He can turn it down and play some beautiful quiet shit too. It's fresh. It's fresh for sure to hear a violin player of his caliber just rocking out like that. It's pretty amazing.

AAJ: I'm guessing you have also penned some new tunes since your last record, the aptly titled Trip (Concord, 2017).

MS: Yeah, I have a few and plan to do another record in the not-too-distant future.

AAJ: That's great. So, we have Eleven to look forward to in September, know that there will be more just around the corner, and, for good measure, a boatload of live shows. Thanks much for the chat Mike. Best to you as you continue to travel the globe sharing your passion for music. And get some sleep, will ya'?

MS: Always great talking to you Jim. It's a blast out there. If you can't have fun playing music, then you really have a problem! I have enjoyed it so much over the years. Time to crash now for sure though, bro. Goodnight.
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