Robert Cater Jr

My Jazz Story

Published on: 2018-12-07

I love jazz because there is a style that will appeal to just about anyone interested enough to explore. I was first exposed to jazz by my mother as she listened to Ahmad Jamal's "At the Pershing - But Not for Me." The first jazz record I bought was Chico Hamilton's "The Man from Two Worlds." My advice to new listeners is explore the rich history of jazz, the various styles and identify what you enjoy.

My House Concert Story

I have attended jazz concerts in venues as large as the old Madison Square Garden and UCLA's Royce Hall and as small as the, now defunct, Slugs in New York's East Village and the very much still in business Upstairs at Vitello's in Studio City or the Blue Whale in downtown Los Angeles. Regardless of where you go to listen to live jazz, the bottom line is go and show the artists your appreciation for their artistry. In order of artist earning potential, artists make more money from: 1- the sale of CD's, and LP's, 2 - the sale of digital downloads from iTunes, Amazon or other online sources and the least money from 3 - streaming. Please keep in mind if you love the art form, you must vote with your wallet!!

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