Dave Posmontier

Love to tell stories through my music..

About Me

Dave Posmontier has been playing keyboard since the age of seven and has played professionally for the past 45 years. He majored in mathematics at Temple University in the late 60's but played with the Temple Jazz Band and knew he would be a full-time musician after graduation. In the 70's, Dave played in an organ trio with Mickey Roker and Bootsie Barnes and played extensively in the Philly area. He also joined a trio with Tony Williams and Al Jackson, also notable Philly musicians. Later, Dave worked with guitarist, Steve Giordano, playing contemporary, original music using piano, organ, synthesizers and voices. In 1980, Dave, his brother Rich, and drummer, Tom Cohen, formed the Posmontier Brothers Quintet and performed extensively at concerts and clubs and made radio and television appearances in the Philadelphia area. The group produced an album, “PBQ'” of Dave's original music in 1985. It was very well received by the jazz community and received airtime on local jazz radio stations. Dave has performed and recorded with many jazz artists including Christian McBride, James Moody, Chris Potter, Duane Eubanks, Mickey Roker, Bobbie Durham, John Blake, John Swana, Mike Richmond, Bootsie Barnes, Tony Williams (sax), Bob Howell, Chico Huff, Larry McKenna, Steve Giordano, Grover Washington Jr., David “Fathead” Newman, and Johnny Hartman. He has also been playing traditional and innovative klezmer music with a band called, “Klingon Klezmer.” They have performed in a number of major concert halls throughout Germany and have released two CDs. In celebration of its 100th birthday in 2007, the renowned Settlement Music School is honoring 100 alumni who have made a difference in the world of music. Dave and his brother Rich have been chosen to receive this honor. Currently, Dave is playing, composing, arranging, teaching, and participating in educational jazz concerts, workshops and clinics in schools throughout the area. Dave can be heard on several CD’s of Philadelphia area jazz artists and in 2010, released a CD, ”Posterity” featuring his original compositions and arrangements. He has just released a live acoustic trio CD, “Deep Pockets”.

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