Meet Joyce Wilson

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What makes a great jazz club?

My all-time favorite jazz club was the Jazz Bakery in its original spot; it was ideal to me. The gathering of people waiting outside, meeting and greeting friends, meeting others for the first time. Now my favorite jazz club is the Blue Whale, located in Little Tokyo, in Los Angeles. [Ed note: Recently, the Jazz Bakery announced it has found a new home at the Moss Theater, Los Angeles.]

Which club(s) are you most regularly to be found at?

The Blue Whale, and The World Stage, a performance space, also in Los Angeles, that was founded by Billy Higgins in 1989.

How do you discover new artists?

Usually by reading jazz magazines and arts sections of newspapers, and from suggestions made by friends.

Vinyl, CDs, MP3s, streaming?

Definitely all of the above.

If you were a professional musician, which instrument would you play and why?

I would be a vocalist. Something about the human voice singing a jazz song is magical to me. Listening to musicians play and a voice accompanying the notes is extraordinary.

What's your desert island disc?

My desert island disc is Miles Davis' Bitches Brew. I've yet to listen to the album in its entirety and being on an island will provide all the time needed to listen.

My second desert island disc is Lee Morgan's The Sidewinder. If there were ever a time when loneliness set in, I know that playing that disc would lift my spirits and help keep my body moving, and my mind off the fact that I am on a desert island.

What do you think keeps jazz alive and thriving?

I feel it's kept alive by musicians sharing their music, as well as fans continuing to support the best possible. Of course, education, promotion of the music through ads, venues and events also contribute to keeping jazz thriving. However; it is by word of mouth that matters most.

Finish this sentence: Life without music would be...

A catastrophe. And miserable.


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