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Mark On Mark:

AAJ: Did you have a favorite children's book.

MG: No.

AAJ: Favorite food?

Avishai Cohen / Mark GuilianaMG: Right now? I discovered an amazing espresso in Italy. It's called dimesse. I wasn't a coffee drinker until a year ago. And I bought an espresso machine, and I bought this espresso in Italy—and I am totally not that guy—but this is unbelievable.

AAJ: What do you do when you are not playing?

MG: Lately, its been being an uncle. I'm about a half hour from my family. Both my brothers have children and it is definitely a really big part of my life to be with them. I am as inspired by the time I spend with them as I am by music.

AAJ: And yourself? Married? Single?

MG: Single. Just hanging out.

AAJ: Audiophile or not?

MG: Can you help me with the official definition?

AAJ: I'm not sure either. People who have to spend a ton of money on all the fancy gear.

MG: Oh, no, not at all. No. Absolutely not.

AAJ: Do you have a presidential candidate.

MG:; Not enough to publicly state.

AAJ: What's the most beautiful place you've been?MG: Some of the Spanish Islands. The Canary Islands or Majorca. Hard to choose. And I'd love to have it be somewhere I didn't go for a gig. But gig's have taken me to much more beautiful places then my vacations.

AAJ: Advice for young drummers?

MG: Don't practice too much. Practice a lot. But don't practice too much. It's a fine line. Always have your ear to the ground and never lose sight of what is happening all around the world. As specialized as your studies may get, never lose sight of how important all music is. You don't want to disrespect anyone or any music, but don't be afraid to add your two cents and always serve the music. All the breaking of rules, the explorations, always has to come second to the music. Oh wait. The easy answer. Always make sure it is fun.

Selected Discography

Adam Gilbert, Fishing for Water (Independent, 2008)
Avishai Cohen, As Is...Live at the Blue Note (Smalls, 2007
Heernt, Locked in a Basement (Razdaz, 2006)
Avishai Cohen, Continuo (Razdaz, 2006)
Avishai Cohen, At Home (Razdaz, 2005)
Avishai Cohen, Continuo (Razdaz, 2003)


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