March 2007: Live Calendar and the Download Store

Michael Ricci By

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All About Jazz can help you sell your music, promote your live events, promote your teaching services, and drive traffic to your website.

Take advantage of these services:

  1. AAJ Live Calendar: Enter your dates in one place... post them everywhere!
  2. Jazz Teacher Finder - FREE
  3. Add Your Discography - FREE
  4. Take Five: Self Directed Interview - FREE
  5. Video of the Day - FREE
  6. Coming Soon: The AAJ Download Store
  7. Looking for Kudos

1. AAJ Live Calendar

Enter your calendar dates in ONE place; post them EVERYWHERE!

With AAJ Live Calendar, just enter your dates at All About Jazz, and let our technology do the work for you. Once your dates are in our system, you can display them anywhere you want: on your website, on your MySpace page, in a bulletin board signature, in a Yahoo Groups post, in your HTML email announcements, and so on. We also make your dates accessible by geo region, venue and musician at AAJ.

Save 50% by taking advantage of our introductory offer of $30/year. Learn more about this industry exclusive service.

View two AAJ Live Calendar Examples: For a Musician | For a Venue

2. Jazz Teacher Finder

We're developing a free service that allows students to find teachers by geo region, instruments and teaching level. If you offer private lessons, please update your musician profile with your credentials, rates, and other pertinent information.

3. Add Your Discography

We've made several improvements to your musician profile and we've recently added a discography box. Please update your musician profile with your discographical information.

4. Take Five: Self Directed Interview

Take Five is a way for you to further raise the awareness of your music and yourself at All About Jazz. It allows you the flexibility to select and answer questions and give readers an opportunity to learn more about you and ask you additional questions. Submit a Take Five answers.

5. Video of the Day

What better way to get the word out about your music than allowing readers the opportunity to see you perform in a live setting. Submit a YouTube, Google, or Daily Motion video clip to the AAJ Video Center.

6. The AAJ Download Store: Coming this month!

AAJ is now in the business to sell your music as MP3 downloads and we're set to launch our store in less than two weeks. We're working directly with labels and distributors with a goal of building the most comprehensive jazz download store on the web. In addition to a standalone store, we'll incorporate purchase opportunities into articles, reviews, news items, calendar dates, musicians profiles, and so on. Expect your sales to increase as we ramp up.

7. Kudos for AAJ

"I highly recommend the All About Jazz Showcase Ads. It is the jazz world equivalent to posting a billboard on Broadway. Pair it with a Free Digital Download on AAJ and you'll have an incredibly cost effective way of introducing yourself to the global community of jazz fans, musicians and industry professionals." ~ Sonny Holland, Vocalist

"Great source of information, wide-ranging, real jazz, great forums, smart posters, and good advertising possibilities for musicians." ~ Scott Forrey, Musician

"Adding my musician profile to AAJ has already increased my Google presence. I will explore the other self-promotional opportunities offered by AAJ." ~ Ethan Mann, Musician

"AAJ has been a valuable advertising tool for me over the last few years. The amount of visitors to my website has increased substantially since we began working together. I can always count on quick action from Michael Ricci and his team and I look forward to working with them more. Thank you AAJ for your support and hard work!" ~ Mike Kennedy, Musician

We're looking for endorsements, so if you've had a positive experience with All About Jazz, please let us know. You can post your kudos here. Thanks!

Recap: With the download store, AAJ Live Calendar, and event ticketing on the way, All About Jazz is working toward addressing several key challenges you face as a musician: selling your music, promoting your dates, and selling tickets.

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