Lyte Records: Dancing To Different Beats

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Personnel: Gay McIntyre: alto saxophone & clarinet; Linley Hamilton: trumpet; Johnny Taylor: piano; David Redmond: bass; Dominic Mullan: drums.

Jon Leighton—Dramatic Life

Tracks: Married The Messenger; Ameltie; Precious Life; For Keats; The Dress; Nothing to Gain; Whin Bush; A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever.

Personnel: John Leighton: piano; Anna Stott: vocal; Michael Buckley: tenor & alto saxophone, flute; Mark McKnight: guitar; Michael Janisch: bass; David Lyttle: drums.

The Lloyd Ryan Big Band—Drivin' Force

Tracks: Moondance; I Wish I Knew; Norwegian Wood; Funtime; Mercy, Mercy, Mercy; You Gotta Try; Ice Castles; The Creep; Groovin Hard; Big Swing Face; Cute; One For Monk.

Personnel: Lloyd Ryan: drums; J. P. Gervasoni, Henry Amberg-Jennings, Steve Fishwick, Paul Jordanous: trumpets; Patrick Johns, Tim Smart, Adrian Fry, Nathan Gash: trombones; Matt Wates, Andy Mac, Bob Sydor, Vasilis Xenopolous, Simon Bates: saxophones; Geof Castle: piano; Rob Statham: bass.

David Lyttle—Interlude

Tracks: This Moon of Ours; Questions; Uncertain Steps; I Don't Mind; Angel; Interlude; The Road; Seek; Optimistic.

Personnel: David Lyttle: drums (1-7, 9), percussion (1-3, 5-7, 9), bass (1, 6), keyboards (2-5, 7), organ (8), cello (8); Homecut: vocals (1, 6, 9); Andreas Varady: guitar (1, 6); Michael Buckley: flute (1), saxophone (2, 4, 7), backing vocals (9); Rhea: vocals (2, 4-6); Anne Lyttle: vocals (7), backing vocals (2); Linley Hamilton: trumpet (2); Keith Duffy: bass (2, 5, 9); Soweto Kinch: vocals (3); ILLspokinN: vocals (3, 7); Pino Palladino: bass (3); Wile Man: vocals (5); Jaelle Haze: vocals (7); Margot Daly: backing vocals (9); Jason Rebello: keyboards (9).

Nigel Mooney—The Bohemian Mooney

Tracks: I Ain't Ready; Ain't That Love; Down for Double; Unlucky in Love; Hard Times; April in Paris; The Bohemian Mooney; Hellhound on my Trail; C'est Si Bon; How Blue Can You Get?; Bohemian Moondance; Farewell to Bohemia.

Personnel: Nigel Mooney: vocals and guitar; Johnny Taylor: piano; Dan Bodwell: bass; Dominic Mullan: drums; Georgie Fame: vocals (3, 10); Louis Stewart: acoustic rhythm guitar: (3, 6, 9); Michael Buckley: tenor saxophone (4, 6, 12), baritone saxophone (1, 11), flute (9); Richie Buckley: alto saxophone (2); Linley Hamilton: trumpet (3); Eamonn Murray: harmonica (8); Dr. Legin Yenoom: tambourine (1-2), additional piano (12).

John Moriarty—Echoes

Tracks: Yesterdays; Fall; Echoes of the Future; Ninety Six; Meandering; A Flower is a Lonesome Thing; Delirium; Moonlight in Vermont.

Personnel: John Moriarty: guitar; Randy Ingram: piano; Adam Pache; drums; Matt Clohesy: bass.

Jason Rebello—Anything But Look

Tracks: Know What You Need; The Man on the Train; Without a Paddle; Anything But Look; Dark Night of the Soul; With Immediate Effect; Is This How; In the Thick of It; New Joy; Lighten Up the Load.

Personnel: Jason Rebello: piano, keyboards, bass (7), backing vocals (6); Troy Miller: drums (1-5, 8-10), guitar (7), percussion (4); Pino Palladino; bass (1, 4, 6-7, 9-10); Karl Rasheed-Abel: acoustic bass (2-3, 5, 8); Paul Stacey: guitar (3, 6, 9); Jeremy Stacey; drums 6); George Rebello: drums (7); Miles Bould: percussion (1-3,10); Joy Rose: vocals (9), backing vocals (1, 6, 9-10); Jacob Collier: vocals (8); Omar: vocals (1); Xantoné Blacq: vocals (10); Wil Downing: vocals (7); Sumudu Jayatilaka: vocals (2); Alicia Carroll: vocals (5); Aja Downing: backing vocals (7); Tim Garland: flute (8), bass clarinet (10).

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