Lakecia Benjamin in Conversation

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Welcome to the first installment of The Crazeology Radio Show on All About Jazz where I play a mix of new and old tunes with a focus on progressive jazz as well as songs with a beat. This week's show includes an interview with saxophonist Lakecia Benjamin where we discuss her new album Rise (Ropeadope),

  • Dominique Vantomme feat. Tony Levin, Michel Delville "Double Down" from Vigir (Moonjune) 02:09
  • Dusan Jevtovic "No Answer" from, Live At Home (Moonjune) 10:02
  • Elliot Mason "Caravan" from Before, Now and After (Self Produced) 18:13
  • Chip Wickham "Barrio 71" from Shamanl Wind (Lovemonk) 29:00
  • Florian Egli Weird Beard "Orientation" from Orientation (Intakt) 35:23
  • Ivo Neame "Moksha Music" from Moshka (Edition) 42:54
  • Mario Cruz "Its Whatever You Want It To Be" from Finding Common Ground (Self-released) 48:36
  • Barbatuques "Baião Destemperado" from Unknown (Self Produced) 50:57
  • Sylvie Courvoisier "Imprint Double" from D'Agala (Intakt) 53:58
  • Lakecia Benjamin Interview and music from Rise (Ropeadope) 1:02:34
  • Ivo Neame "Pala" from Moshka (Edition) 1:36:16
  • Florian Egli Weird Beard "Orientation" from Orientation (Intakt) 1:40:59
  • Sylvie Courvoisier "Bourgeois Spider" from D'Agala (Intakt) 1:46:90
  • Elliot Mason "Vulnerable" from Before, Now and After (Self Produced) 1:54:22
  • Maga Bo "No Balanco da Canoa" from Levante Poeira (Self Produced) 2:03:24
  • Martin Kohlstedt "NAO" from Strom (Self Produced) 2:07:47
  • Mario Cruz "Role Reversal" from Finding Common Ground (Self Produced) 2:13:68
  • Dominique Vantomme feat Tony Levin, Michel Delville "Equal Minds" from Vigir (Moonjune) 2:20:17
  • Marmota "Hades" from A Margem (Self Produced) 2:30:36


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