Kneebody's Perfect

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In less than two decades Kneebody has established itself as reference band of forward-looking musicians. With a brand new EP out, By Fire, their first release entirely dedicated to covers, a new outlet (the British musician-run reference label Edition Records), and new line-up following the departure of bassist Kaveh Rastegar, there's a been a lot going on for this influential group. So this week we look back at their genre-bending work, and at the busy careers and eclectic collaborations of its members, Adam Benjamin, Shane Endsley, Kaveh Rastegar, Ben Wendel and Nate Wood

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  • Ben Allison "Mondo Jazz Theme (feat. Ted Nash & Pyeng Threadgill)" 0:00
  • Kneebody "King Harvest (feat. Josh Dion)" By Fire (Edition) 0:17
  • Host talks 5:33
  • Kneebody "Uprising" Anti-Hero (Motéma) 7:33
  • Kneebody "The Blind" You Can Have Your Moment (Winter and Winter) 14:29
  • Kneebody "Never Remember" Kneebody Live, Vol. 1 (Colortone) 17:49
  • Host talks 22:30
  • Kneebody "Hold on Longer (feat. Gerald Clayton)" By Fire (Edition) 25:03
  • Shane Endsley "After the Snake Pit" 2nd Guess (Self-released) 28:36
  • Ben Wendel "Fall" What We Bring (Motema) 37:23
  • Host talks 41:50
  • Kneebody "Break Me" Kneebody (Greenleaf) 43:26
  • Kneebody & Daedelus "Move" Kneedelus (Brainfeeder) 48:50
  • Theo Bleckmann & Kneebody "Songs My Mother Taught Me" Twelve Songs by Charles Ives (Winter and Winter) 52:18
  • Host talks 59:19
  • Kneebody "Sick Talk (feat. Becca Stevens)" By Fire (Edition) 1:00:45
  • Kaveh Rastegar "Cuento Ilogico (feat. Gaby Moreno)" Light of Love (Ropeadope) 1:05:09
  • Nate Wood "Become" Reliving (Self-released) 1:09:20
  • Adam Benjamin "Long Gone" Long Gone (Kind of Blue) 1:15:21
  • Host talks 1:20:43
  • Shane Endsley "Dum Dee Dum Dum Dee" 2nd Guess (Self-released) 1:22:25
  • Ben Wendel "Maupin" Simple Song (Sunnyside) 1:29:16
  • Billy Mohler "Visible Light" Focus (MAKE) 1:34:54
  • Host talks 1:39:09
  • Tony Scott "Nina's Dance" A Jazz Life (Kind of Blue) 1:40:45
  • Ben Wendel & Dan Tepfer "Line Up" Small Constructions (Sunnyside) 1:45:09
  • Adam Benjamin "Countdown" It's a Standard, Standard, Standard, Standard World (Self-released) 1:49:26
  • Adam Benjamin "All the Things You Are" It's a Standard, Standard, Standard, Standard World (Self-released) 1:50:11
  • Nate Wood "Giving" Four X.it (Self-released) 1:51:18
  • Host talks 1:55:55
  • Ro Sham Beaux "Bearblade" Ro Sham Beaux (Red Piano) 1:58:48
  • Zing! "Boo Boo Bah Bah" Magnetic Flux (ears&eyes) 2:04:14
  • Hat "Molaria Molaria" Local Hat (Selfish) 2:09:53
  • Host talks 2:13:14
  • Wendel "Kneebodi" Wendel (Wendel) 2:15:42


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