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Various Artists: KariJazz Presents Yanvablue

James Nadal By

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In attempt to assist the Haitian jazz artists after the devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010, the Karijazz label has released Yanvablue , a double-disc production featuring selections by the best Kreyol Jazz musicians, who cleared and donated the songs, complete with extensive liner notes and musician credits. These musicians remain active, in spite of the ongoing hardship and heartache in their homeland.

The first disc opens with tenor saxophonist Buyu Ambroise, who is considered the country's foremost jazz exponent, setting the mood for the rest of this excellent set, in all its sophistication and finesse. Saxophonists Jowee Omicil and Thurgot Theodat, who is recognized for his Voodoo-Jazz approach, also lend their talents to the recording.

Yanvablue offers a variety of music that covers the whole spectrum, from easy listening and smooth jazz to more complex Konpa rhythms. Haitian drum master Markus Schwartz, as well as percussionist Bonga offer their expertise; and pianists are also well represented with the esteemed Reginald Policard and Eddy Prophete.

Vocalist Pauline Jean's exceptional "Dey/Rasanblem" is one of three featuring singers, along with Ginou Oriol's "Yoyo" and Rosemax's "Life's a Bunch of Fridays," with its Brazilian-tinted vocal.

This compilation exemplifies the vibrant jazz scene connected with Haiti, and artists with whom many casual listeners may not be familiar. Hopefully this will change, as more people recognize the rich culture associated with Kreyol jazz; many might also expect of a lot of percussion, but this is not the case. The musicians are all entrenched in the jazz idiom, and are extremely well-trained and professional performers, though many have had to relocate due to the earthquake.

Yanvablue is a superb introduction to Kreyol jazz for those seeking out new music, and supports an admirable cause as well, with all proceeds benefiting Haitian musicians via "Fondation Haiti Jazz."

Track Listing: CD1: Anonse; Dey; Danbala; Magnitude 7; Mize; Mesi Bondye; Libete; San Pale; Nago Wes; Balade Manman' We; Konbit; Yoyo. CD2: Port-au-Prince; Haitian Peace Song; Life's a Bunch of Fridays; Mesi Bondye; Boarding Pass; To Mom and Dad; Blue String; I Remember Ernie; Harmonick.

Personnel: Buyu Ambroise: tenor sax (CD1#1, CD1#3,); Paul Beaudry: double-bass (1); Lou Rainone: piano (CD1#1); Sean Phekoo: drums (CD1#1); Pauline Jean: vocal (CD1#2); Sharp Radway: piano (CD1#2); Corcoran Holt: bass (CD1#2); Alvin Atkinson: drums (CD1#2); Markus Schwarz : percussion (CD1#2, CD1#3, CD1#9,); Jeff Ballard: drums (CD1#3); Jean Caze: trumpet (CD1#3); Thurgot Theodat: tenor sax (CD1#4); Jimmy Jean Felix: guitar (CD1#4, CD1#8,); Jimmy Roc: drums (CD1#4); Wilson Albin: bass (CD1#4); Harold Faustin: guitar (CD1#5); Jean Beaudet: piano CD1# (5); Jocelyn Menard: saxophone (CD1#5); Brian Cezair: bass (CD1#5); Abdul Wali Mahammad: drums (CD1#5); Danglas Gregoire: percussion (CD1#5); Jowee Omicil: clarinet, soprano sax (CD1#6); Lionel Loueke: guitar (CD1#6); Patrick Andyantsialonina: acoustic bass (CD1#6); Francisco Mela: drums (CD1#6); Jean Michel Clermont: acoustic guitar (CD1#7); Dadi: electric bass (CD1#8); Michiko Tatsuno: piano (CD1#8); Bonga: Haitian drums (CD1#8, CD1#10); Serge Decius: percussion (CD1#8); Eddy Bourjolly: guitar (CD1#9, CD1#10); Welmyr Jean-Pierre: piano (CD1#9); Phillipe Charles: bass CD1# (9); Gashford Guillame: drums (CD1#9); Gifrants:rhythm guitar(CD1#10); Eddy Bourjolly: guitar (CD1#10); Jane Wang: upright bass (CD1#10); Andrew Dorsett: keyboards (CD1#10); Carol Chaikin: flute (CD1#10);Taku Hirano: percussion (CD1#10); David Bontemps: piano (CD1#11); Jude Deslouches: guitar (CD1#11); Julien Robert Lavigne: bass (CD1#11); Jacson Alisme: Haitian drums (CD1#11); Cydric Fereol: gwo ka, percussion (CD1#11); Ginou Oriol: vocal (CD1#12); Eddy Prophete: piano (CD1#12); Tatsuhiko Kimuro: bass (CD1#12). Ken Watters: trumpet (CD2#1); Yves Abel: bass (CD2#1); Andre Atkins: trombone (CD2#1); Ralph Conde: guitar (CD2#1); Kevin Bales: piano (CD2#1); Reginald Petit-Homme: drums (CD2#1); Berman Andre: percussion (CD2#1); Jowee Omicil: soprano sax (CD2#2); Mawuena Kodjovi: acoustic guitar (CD2#2); Nir Felder: electric guitar (CD2#2); Knoa Khasu: acoustic bass (CD2#2); Francisco Mela: drums (CD2#2); Manny Laine: Fender Rhodes (CD2#2); Jean Caze: trumpet (CD2#3-4); Troy Roberts: tenor sax (CD2#3); Andrew Fisher: keyboards (CD2#3); Eric England: bass (CD2#3); David Chiverton: drums (CD2#3); Rosemax: voice (CD2#4); Richard Barbot: bass (CD2#4, CD2#6); Ralph Millet: guitar (CD2#4); Reginald Policard: piano (CD2#4, CD2#6, CD2#7); Joel Widmaier: drums, percussion (CD2#4); William Jean: cowbell, floortom (CD2#4); Frantz Courtois: flute(CD2#4); Bemol Telfort: guitar (CD2#5); Ernst Louis: bass (CD2#5); Robert Pierre Louis: drums (CD2#5); Phil Jelatis: piano (CD2#5); Carl Fleurant: keyboards (CD2#5); Kevin Mounci: flute (CD2#5); Jimmy Jean Felix: guitar (CD2#6); Joel Widmaier: drums (CD2#6); Dadou Pasquet: guitar (CD2#7); Laurent Ciceron: bass (CD2#7); Jimmy Roc: drums (CD2#7); Ralph Conde: guitar, bass programming (CD2#8); Chardavoine: guitar (CD2#9); Phil Cendennin: Yamaha VL (CD2#9); Ismael bruno: bongos (CD2#9); Dener Ceide: guitar (CD2#10); Nicky: keys/programming (CD2#10); Armstrong Jeune: background vocal (CD2#10); Richard Cave: background vocal (CD2#10); Elie Lapointe: background vocal (CD2#10).

Title: KariJazz Presents Yanvablue | Year Released: 2010 | Record Label: Karijazz


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