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June 2006

Michael Ricci By

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Dear fellow AAJ contributors,

We're back again with some important news. Please take a moment to read this update and learn about the latest developments at AAJ.

  1. Meet Our New Editors
  2. Upcoming CD Release Center - Use it!
  3. Uploading Your Article Photos
  4. JJA Awards 2006
  5. Plastic Sleeve Savings

Meet Our New Editors

AAJ welcomes three talented gentlemen to our core group of section editors. From left to right...

Chris May has assumed article editing duties primarily focusing on multiple CD reviews, book reviews and DVD reviews.

Victor Verney is ramping up with the Visual Arts Center and will work with existing and new photographers to ensure that the gallery continues to flourish.

Dale Cruse is the new point man at the Musician Center. His responsibilities include supporting musicians and building profile pages for legacy musicians who index high on Google searches.

Upcoming CD Release Center - Use it!

We're finding that many of you are unaware of AAJ's Upcoming Releases Center. It's by far the most comprehensive, searchable upcoming release listing on the web. Maintained by John Kelman, the list is updated twice monthly.

Please use this resource when searching for future releases. Thanks!

Uploading Your Article Photos

We're now asking contributors to upload their photos to the Visual Arts Center, as opposed to sending them to us via email attachments.

For artist profiles, festival reviews, and concert reviews, please upload your photos this way:

Go to the Visual Arts Center, click the "Community Photos" album (see right column, page 3), then select "add photos" from the "admin options" dropdown. You can upload as many images as you want at any time.

Please be consistent and title your images this way:
[Artist/Band Name] at [Venue/Event Name] in [City] on [Date] by [Photographer Name].

Then reference those photos in your article.

If you're a photo journalist and already have an album, simply continue to upload your photos to it.

JJA Awards 2006

AAJ was honored with its fifth consecutive JJA Jazz Award for "Best Website" on Monday. We'd like to thank JJA President Howard Mandel and the entire JJA organization for producing a program that recognizes the efforts and achievements of jazz musicians and journalists.

Most of all, we'd like to thank you for contributing your time and energy to the site. Collectively, we've made this a very special place that continues to entertain, educate and inspire readers daily. Cheers!

Plastic Sleeve Savings

Our good friend Alan Lawrence at Jazz Loft is offering AAJ contributors a 10% discount on your next plastic CD sleeve purchase. If you're looking to save space, we recommend you check them out. Enter "AAJ" as your discount code.

As always, we welcome your ideas and input. Thanks for being a part of the team!

Mike and Nils


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