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June 2003

Glenn Astarita By

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Uses Wrist Grab


Cuneiform Records

BONE is guitarist Nick Didkovsky (Doctor Nerve), bassist Hugh Hopper (Soft Machine), and drummer John Roulat (Forever Einstein). In essence, this is a power trio with avant stylizations, complete with shrewdly placed loops and EFX induced treatments amid the trio’s angular movements. And for those familiar with these musicians via their respective works, the artistry and cunning inventiveness displayed here should come as no surprise. There’s a lot of meat contained within these fourteen tracks, featuring Hopper’s infamous fuzz bass implementations and Didkovsky’s far out, progressive-rock style guitar parts.



Koch Entertainment

Fans of this Swedish metal band might be a tad puzzled with their new effort, perhaps due to the quartet’s kinder and gentler approach. The ensemble does succeed at projecting a '70s designed, progressive-rock sound, consisting of layered mellotron voicings, melodic choruses and other niceties. Regardless, this wonderfully produced affair ripens well upon repeated spins. Strong compositions and a focused game plan are but a few of the attributes that contributes to this album’s overall success.

The Songs of John Hiatt – It’ll Come To You

Various Artists

Vanguard Records

This collection of tunes by various artists celebrates the compositional finesse of the gravelly voiced singer/songwriter John Hiatt. Highlights include B.B. King & Eric Clapton’s bluesy rendition of “Riding With The King” and Willie Nelson’s take on “The Most Unoriginal Sin.” Other contributors covering portions of Hiatt’s songbook include British pop legend Nick Lowe, Freddy Fender, and others. Many of these works represent material lifted from the respective vocalists’ original recordings. Thus, an effective and listener friendly musical illustration of Hiatt’s relevance in the world of rock and pop

The Music of Ernie Krivda

Ernie Krivda Jazz Sextet: introducing Dominic Farinacci

Cadence Jazz Records

Cleveland denizen and tenor saxophonist Ernie Krivda is a favorite among his peers and jazz aficionados alike, although he may not enjoy the global recognition he duly deserves. Here, the artist introduces the fiery young trumpeter Dominic Farinacci to round out a sextet performing the leader’s original compositions. Krivda knows how to grab your intention via melodically tinged and irrefutably dynamic soloing, aided by a robust sound. His fluent lines on the memorably tuneful opener “The Beauchamp Ride,” amid the remainder of these swinging works, provides credence to Krivda’s potent improvisational faculties. His band should be commended for its sympathetic support. A powerful outing that provides an all-telling glimpse into the artistry of this important and sometimes overlooked jazz musician.

In Love Again

Stacey Kent


The increasingly popular jazz vocalist sets show tunes by Rodgers, and Hart/Hammerstein to mainstream jazz frameworks supported by her guitar-sax-piano-bass-drums quartet. With this production, the singer breathes new life into standards such as “This Can’t Be Love,” “Thou Well,” and others. Her vocalizations and mode of delivery can at times appear to be mildly flirtatious, and quietly authoritative in concert with her lighter-than-air delivery. No frills or veiled agendas here, as Ms. Kent spins a stylistic slant on familiar territory. An appealing listening experience for sure.


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