July 2007: Teacher Finder, Musician Finder, and Profile Improvements

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All About Jazz has made several improvements to our AAJ Professional Services, most of which are free. Please read on to learn more about the latest upgrades.

  1. Musician Profile Changes and Tips
  2. Teacher Finder: Students Finding Teachers
  3. Musician Finder: Get Found!
  4. Post Your Dates to the AAJ Calendar
  5. Get Exposure with MP3 Download of the Day
  6. New Showcase Features: Promote Your New CD
  7. AAJ Download Store to Carry CD Baby Catalog

1. Musician Profile Changes and Tips

Over the past few months, we've made several additions to the musician profile form. Please review the items below and update your profile with such additional information as:

TEACHING CREDENTIALS: Check the "Teacher?" box, select a student level, enter your credentials and city/state/zip/country, and make your information available to students searching on the Teacher Finder page.

LOCAL SEARCHES: Enter your city/state/zip/country and make yourself available to musicians and presenters searching on the Musician Finder page.

PRESS QUOTES: You now have a dedicated box for your press quotes; if you currently have press quotes listed in your bio box, please move them your press quotes box.

DISCOGRAPHY: You can now associate your entire discography with your profile. See formatting guidelines.

CALENDAR: We list your calendar on your profile page as well as on your news announcement pages. Submit calendar dates by clicking the "Submit Calendar Dates" link on your profile page.

COMMENTS: You can now initiate comments and start conversations with MY AAJ members.

EMAIL CONTACT: "MY AAJ" members can contact you by clicking the "CONTACT ME" link on your profile page. We include human verification code to thwart spammers.

UPCOMING RELEASE LISTING: If your future release is in the CD Universe database, we'll associate it with your profile (example). Or you can add it manually.

PROFESSIONALISM COUNTS: Please make sure your profile looks professional. That means using mixed case text, not entering "see website" in your bio box, including reasonably sized images or ensuring the images links are not broken. Include as much information as possible on your profile; you might be making your first impression. See our profile tips for instructions on how to make your profile look its best.

MULTI-EDITOR SUPPORT: Your profile can be maintained by a third party, like a family member, friend, manager, publicist. To become a profile editor, they must click the "Become a [Your Name] Editor" link at the bottom of your profile. We'll assign them access upon verification.

2. Teacher Finder

We developed a free service that allows students to find teachers by geographic region, instrument and teaching level. If you offer private lessons, please update your musician profile with your credentials, rates, and other pertinent information.

3. Musician Finder

We repurposed the Teacher Finder feature and created the Musician Finder. Now, musicians can connect with other musicians by region. Looking for a drummer in Indianapolis? Find one at AAJ!

4. Post Your Dates to the AAJ Calendar

Close to 100 new readers register as MY AAJ members each day. As a result, our local metro area lists continue to grow. Please continue to post your dates to your calendar. You can do this from your profile page.

Entering your dates will then be viewable from a reader's local calendar, from the venue's calendar and from your calendar.

We're also re-launching AAJ Live Calendar next month. This convenient service allows you to post dates at AAJ and syndicate them around the web: at your site, on your MySpace page, and elsewhere.

5. Get Exposure with MP3 Download of the Day

Please submit a full-length MP3 from one of your recent releases. If approved, we'll feature it as a download of the day. A recent track topped 1,000 downloads in a single day and 2,000 downloads in a week, so exposure potential is huge. This service is free, so take advantage of it. Submit a track.

6. New Showcase Features

We've added two features to enhance your Showcase campaign. Go to the home page and drag your mouse over one of the Showcase CD sleeves. Nice, eh? We also created a dropdown list of all Showcase campaigns that provides quick access to a Showcase page. Select any Showcase artist's name to see how it works.

If you're looking to promote a new CD, consider AAJ Showcase. It's affordable, drives traffic, and has a history of success. We can put you in touch with other musicians that have used the service if you're looking for references.

7. AAJ Download Store to carry CD Baby Catalog

We'll soon import the entire CD Baby jazz album catalog into the AAJ Download Store, so we can sell all independently released material direct from your profile page and from various other pages at All About Jazz. We'll have more news about this exciting development once everything is ready.

As always, we welcome your ideas and input. As AAJ continues to grow and reach more readers, your support becomes even more and more important.

Thanks for reading!
Michael Ricci

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