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Edwards is aware that with an increasing reputation comes increased ability to change things. A thoughtful silence ended with, "When I play I recognize some things about myself. I realize I can change things. I have a presence in the music. I can influence dynamics and how the music feels. I hope this is not sounding big headed but the bass instrument has a certain power on stage and in music."

Edwards is currently busy. Next up are tours in Switzerland, Germany and dates around Europe. "Europe is still where most of the money is in free music. There is more funding there and it is better for the music." says Edwards. He has also started writing music—he wrote little for almost 20 years, but about 3 years ago started to put things down again.

What would Edwards like to leave behind? "I think I would love it to be that some people say, 'he pushed that bass a little bit further.' I think that would be good."

At the moment Edwards wants to keep be active, keep expanding, experimenting to hear, discover, listen and learn more. He needs to play every day, because playing is such a physical thing he feels you lose some things if you don't practice.

Edwards is enthusiastic about everything connected with music and particularly the bass. He is an avid fan of anyone who plays the instrument and has a tangible connection to the music. He is also incredibly happy with his current lot, and very talkative. During our interview we covered a range of topics from early musicians such as Tristano and his influence on the emergence of freer playing, to political matters and current events. What came up often was how music connects people, how Edwards is driven by the tangible reactions to his playing, and the importance of those he plays with and meets.

One thing is clear. Wherever Edwards plays, he engages people and that is definitely, as he says, "A good thing."



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